W.J. Jim Shuttleworth

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Regents Professor Emeritus, Deceased

Regents Professor Emeritus, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences (Emeriti faculty members have retired from research and/or teaching and no longer recruit students)

Experience  Terrestrial hydrometeorology, hydroclimatology, hydrogeophysical methods, stochastic hydrology, snow and ice, evapotranspiration of riparian systems, mesoscale coupled modeling, mathematical programming and simulation, precipitation-runoff modeling, monsoon prediction studies, international water development, mesoscale water, energy, and carbon balances, applications of remotely sensed data, climate change, land-atmosphere feedback and coupling

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Education  PHD high energy nuclear physics 1971, University of Manchester, UK; received DSC Honors 1990s, University of Manchester, UK

Office  Not on campus (contact via email)

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