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December 2017 Newsletter to Alumni

December 2016 Newsletter to Alumni

Deceased Colleagues

Alumni and Faculty colleagues no longer with us

Alumni Achievement

Awards and accolades from the Classes of 1962 to the present

HWR50 Links

Archive of HWR's 50th Anniversary webpages and information

  • HWR50 First 50 Years History and Timelines
  • HWR50 Reunion Days including the 2016 El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera and the Saturday Symposium
  • HWR50 Vault (photos and images) and Bulletin Boards - I'll Be There - I'll Possibly Be There - Regrets, Cannot Attend (some messages) - Search Board - Couples Board - Broadcast Board - Wonder Board - First Board
  • HWR50 From The Desk Of - A hilarious look back at student life through the lens of department newsletters and memos, at a time when everyone (except members of the faculty) was young, idealistic, and carefree (except during final exams)!

We'll soon have more content for both Atmospheric Sciences and Hydrology and Water Resources alumni. 

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