Phillip Fitzwater

HAS Advisory Board Member Emeritus
HAS Advisory Board Service 2021-2024
Retired Senior Consultant and President of Iris Environmental
Phillip Fitzwater

Mr. Fitzwater was a senior consultant and president of Iris Environmental (now retired) with an extensive experience base including the evaluation of risk posed by environmental conditions, hydrogeologic characterization, site remediation, Brownfield redevelopment, environmental compliance, and representation before regulatory agencies. He has over 30 years of experience in technical consulting related to the remediation and redevelopment of industrial properties, risk assessment, environmental regulatory compliance for high tech, energy, mining and heavy industries, due diligence auditing, cost allocation, hydrogeology, and hazardous waste management. Mr. Fitzwater has solved environmental problems throughout the western U.S. and Gulf Coast regions. He has managed projects from the very small to the very large, involving management of individuals and large multidisciplinary groups working from numerous offices throughout the U.S. and has provided expert witness testimony in deposition and at trial on an array of environmental issues.

Specialties: Industrial Site Environmental Characterization, Remediation, and Redevelopment.