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For more than 50 years, the alumni, faculty, and students of the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences have been at the forefront of atmospheric and water science scholarship and research. Their impact on the fields of hydrology and atmospheric sciences around the globe has been profound. To maintain that high level of excellence, we must attract the best faculty and students and provide the best facilities. As traditional funding sources decline, the need for private support becomes even greater.  You may give online or give by mail, whichever you prefer. Gifts are 100% tax deductible.

Giving Online

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Give to Unrestricted General Fund for Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences

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The department head will determine how to best use these gifts to support our department and its students.  Uses include scholarships, recruitment, outreach, student travel support to conferences and meetings, and more. If you wish, you may indicate a specific use in the Comments Box, e.g. For Student Scholarships, For Student Research Symposium, For Field Camp; otherwise, the gift will be used in the areas of greatest need.

Give to Don Davis Endowment

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This endowed scholarship is to support undergraduate students in good academic standing within the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences who have financial need.

The Davis Endowment supports a variety of activities, including, but not limited to, undergraduate field camp, undergraduate laboratory study, undergraduate professional development (poster and oral presentation), undergraduate research (costs related to field study, lab analysis, etc.), undergraduate scholarship (superior academic achievement), and undergraduate travel (conferences and meetings).

This endowed scholarship fund was established by the estate of Donald Ross Davis to reflect Don's nearly 40 years of service to the students in the Hydrology and Water Resources Department at the University of Arizona.  Don obtained his PhD in Systems Engineering in 1969.  He was hired as an assistant professor in Hydrology one year later. Don's research career focused on the use of Bayesian techniques to best reflect our state of knowledge about hydrological processes in surface and subsurface hydrology.  In his teaching generations of graduate and undergraduate alumni of the department have Don to thank for a deep sense of the meaning of a "random variable" and how that influences the questions we can answer in hydrologic science and application.  Don's research career in his later years mostly focused on helping graduate students with the use of statistical methods in their research.  This bequest of Don's was made possible by Don's scrupulous frugality -- for example, he lived in the same studio apartment for 40 years raising his own rent payments whenever he received a raise from the University.  Don never owned a house as doing so would be too risky since a house only exists in one place and instead he invested his surplus income in a diversified range of stocks and bond through an investment club he participated in.  Beyond hydrology, Don loved trains, playing bridge, sailing and doting on his nieces and nephews.

Give to Stan Davis Endowment

Increase your philanthropic impact for graduate student support by contributing to the Stan Davis Endowment, which was recently established by Phil Fitzwater, alumnus of the University of Arizona Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences (HAS), to support graduate student scholarships. Named in memory of Dr. Stanley N. Davis, who positively impacted Phil and many other students during his tenure as a professor, the scholarship enables us to recruit and retain the best and brightest students.

If alumni and friends of HAS can raise $20,000 for the Stan Davis Endowment, Phil will generously give an additional $5,000. That means your gift to support graduate students can have an even greater impact!

Dr. Stanley N. Davis was a professor and former head of the department of hydrology and water resources. Davis earned a bachelor's degree in geology with a minor in mathematics from the University of Nevada in 1949, a Master of Science degree in geology from the University of Kansas in 1951 and his doctorate in geology from Yale University in 1955. He joined the University of Arizona faculty in 1975. During his career, Davis was a consultant for the United States Bureau of Reclamation, the Kansas and Missouri geological surveys, the Arctic Institute of North America, Princeton University, and the University Oriente and the University de los Andes, both in Venezuela.

“Stan Davis was an inspired teacher and mentor. Never too harsh, never too weak, always just right. I owe him an everlasting thanks for a good start on a long and successful career, but most of all for the guidance and outstanding example of excellence that he provided all those around him. It is an honor to offer up a scholarship fund in his name and memory. Please dig deep and support future students with a donation of consequence. Your money will be well spent in making future fine scientists aspiring to the caliber of Dr. Stan Davis.” - Phillip Fitzwater, Class of 1981 Groundwater Hydrology MS

This is an exciting opportunity that will help HAS students experience high quality education and branch into careers that will impact our field and our world.


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The Distance Learning fund supports the nation's only 100% distance-learning program leading to a Bachelor of Applied Science with Emphasis in Meteorology.

Give to El Día

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The El Día fund supports the annual student research conference held each spring. Funds may be designated to support student conference registration, student poster printing, venue and refreshments, and sponsorship of social events, such as the afternoon roundtable discussion or the evening pub social.

Give to Harshbarger Memorial Fund

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The John W. Harshbarger Memorial Fund supports both graduate and undergraduate students whose superior achievements and professional dedication exemplify the qualities long associated with John Harshbarger's life--honesty, integrity, and the meticulous application of science-based solutions. Funds support students' laboratory expenses, travel, field work, conferences, professional development, and other activities that encourage excellence in research and education.

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The John and Margaret Harshbarger Doctoral Fellowship in Subsurface Hydrology supports a continuing doctoral student (second year or beyond) of superior achievement whose research focuses on hydrogeology or an area within subsurface hydrology.  The doctoral student must be a full-time student majoring in Hydrology and have already passed the Doctoral Qualifying Examination in the major.

Benjamin M. (Ben) Herman student research award fund - contact Dr. Chris Castro for information

Give to the Kirk Scholarship in Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

The Kirk Scholarship was established to increase the diversity among undergraduates majoring in Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences and is made possible by the generous annual donations from University of Arizona alumni Daniel P. Kirk (BA 2013, Music) and Alyssa G. Kirk (BS 2014 and MS 2020, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences) and gifts from friends, family, and the community.

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The Chester C. Kisiel Fellowship for Graduate Research on Applications of Statistics in Hydrology was created to honor a founding faculty member of the department and supports a graduate student of superior academic and research achievement in the area of statistical hydrology.  


(click on the Designation dropdown menu and select Krider Endowed Scholarship-Atmos Sciences/Physics)

The E. Phlip Krider Endowed Scholarship in Atmospheric Sciences-Physics was created to support a graduate student of superior academic and research achievement in the area of atmospheric sciences-atmospheric physics, especially in the fundamental areas of lightning and thunderstorm electricity and lightning detection.

Give to Neuman Endowment

(click on the Designation dropdown menu and select Neuman, Shlomo & Yael Hydrology Endowment)

The Shlomo and Yael Neuman Hydrology Endowment was created to support a graduate student of superior academic and research achievement in groundwater and subsurface hydrology and numerical modeling, especially in topics related to subsurface flow dynamics, hydrology of fractured rocks, finite element analysis of flow and transport, parameter estimation, geostatistics, stochastic flow and transport theory, uncertainty assessment, and environmental and geophysical scaling. Eligible students will have a declared/demonstrated interest in mathematical and/or computational subsurface hydrology as evidenced by (a) past, current, or intended enrollment (and outstanding performance in) advanced quantitative courses, such as HWRS 503 Subsurface Fluid Dynamics, and corresponding/equivalent courses in Applied Mathematics and (b) engaging in research with a substantial quantitative component.

Give to Resnick Endowment

(click on the Designation dropdown menu and select Resnick, Sol, Hydrology & Water Resources Endowment)

The Sol D. Resnick Scholarship for Graduate Research Programs in Hydrology was created to support a graduate student of superior academic and research achievement in the areas related to solving practical water resources problems, e.g. administration, policy, development, and international operations and management. Preference will be given to deserving Israeli graduate students.

Give to Shuttleworth Endowment FUNDING PAUSED

(on the Memorial Page, click on the Give Now button)

The William James Shuttleworth Memorial Scholarship Endowment was created to support full-time graduate students in the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences. Preference will be given to graduate students majoring in Hydrometeorology or those HAS students with a significant and demonstrated interest in hydrometeorology. Award recipients are eligible for renewal consideration. Read more about Jim's life on the AGU Ecohydrology page, Meet a Leaf: W.J. "Jim" Shuttleworth (additional tribute links follow this article)

Give to Simpson Prize Fund

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The Eugene S. Simpson Prize for a Field Project in Groundwater Hydrology was created to support an undergraduate student with a research focus in the areas of environmental hydrology, hydrogeology, or subsurface hydrology.  This competitive award is made every spring at the annual student research symposium and recognizes the most outstanding undergraduate student poster in the areas of research which exemplified Simpson's career, including any area within environmental hydrology, water quality, water chemistry, hydrogeology, or subsurface hydrology.

Giving by Mail

If you prefer to give by mail, you may send a check directly to the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences.  Download and fill out the giftbymail.pdf form (PDF) indicating your chosen area of support.

Make your check payable to the University of Arizona Foundation and mail to the business office:

Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Arizona
JW Harshbarger Building #11, Room 122
PO Box 210011
Tucson AZ  85721-0011