Professional Development

Professional Development and Personal Growth

Activities and resources that teach, support, and strengthen professional development and personal growth

  • Find your path
  • Find peer and mentor support
  • Learn how to be a leader
  • Improve your presentation skills

Undergraduates transitioning to Master's level:  Graduate Degree: Is a Graduate Program right for me? 

Master's students transitioning to Doctoral level: Doctoral Degree Career Paths

National Science Foundation Focus Areas: Earth and Environment: Divisions and programs NSF supports

Connect with people like you: Our department's Student Association, HASSA, or First-Generation College Students: First Cats!, or Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC)

Connect through job listings, meet-ups, casual mentorship: Bear Down Network

Connect through student membership in professional societies:

Build a better poster: Better Poster Format (APA Style)

Develop conference presentation skills: Begin with the department's student conference, El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera, progress to the wider campus with Student Showcase or GradSlam, Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC), then take it to another level with a poster presentation at a regional or national conference. Don't forget to apply for a GPSC Travel Grant!

Everyone: Success & Help Resources and Test Anxiety or Other Anxiety

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars: Graduate Center

Graduate student social life, travel-to-conference grants: Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC)