Laura Meredith

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Joint Assistant Professor

Joint Assistant Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences. Director, Biopshere 2 Tropical Rain Forest. Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Genomics, School of Natural Resources and the Environment (home department); also Joint Assistant Professor at the Biopshere 5 Institute and Joint Assistant Professor in Genetics (GIDP) and in Global Change (GIDP). 

Expertise  Interdisciplinary scientist working at the intersection of environmental microbiology and atmospheric chemistry. Focus on improving the process-based understanding of the environmental and biological drivers of microbe-mediated trace gas fluxes using an interdisciplinary set of laboratory and observational methods. Linking genes to function for microbe-mediated gas fluxes and determining key controls on ecosystem trace gas fluxes.

Education  PHD climate physics and chemistry 2013, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office  ENR2 Building Room N225

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