Hoshin V. Gupta

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Regents' Professor

Regents' Professor, Hydrology and Atmopsheric Sciences, SRP Professor, Technology-Public Policy/Markets, Joint Professor, Global Change GIDP, and Joint Professor, Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis GIDP.

Expertise  Surface water hydrology, rainfall-runoff models, land-atmosphere transfer scheme models, flood forecasting, hydrology of semi-arid regions, predictions in ungaged basins, theory of evaluation, blending expert knowledge into automated procedures, Bayesian estimation, recursive methods, uncertainty analysis, information content of data, data assimilation, application of remotely sensed data in hydrology, estimation of precipidation from remoted sensed data, relationship of scale to hydrologic process dominance, development and applications of artificial neural networks, theory and practice of model building, multi-objective stochastic recursive global optimization, interactive computer modeling, multi-resolution multi-disciplinary integrated modeling, decision analysis and decision support systems, merging hydrologic and economic models in support of decision making and policy analysis.

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Education  PHD systems engineering 1984, Case Western Reserve University

Office  JW Harshbarger Building #11, Room 314B

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