Yang C. Song

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Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

Expertise  |  Development, evaluation, and application of numerical models to assess the interactions between terrestrial biosphere processes and climate change, primarily focusing on 1) using metagenomics information to improve the representation of biogeochemical Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus cycles in earth system models, 2) improving parameterization of vegetation dynamics, with special emphasis on row crops and bioenergy crops, and their interaction with water and energy balances and soil Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus dynamics, and 3) interaction between climate change and extreme weather facts with food/bioenergy production.

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Education  |  PhD in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, 2015, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Office  |  JW Harshbarger Building #11, Room 216

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