Prospective Change of Major Students

Ready for a challenge?  Ready for a change?  We encourage you to consider the undergraduate major in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources (EHY). 

As an undergraduate, you may want to:

  • Declare a Major (if you have not yet selected a Major)
  • Change your Major/College (if you have already declared a Major)
  • Add a Second or Third Major (if you want to complement your current major with a double or triple Major)

Whatever your circumstances, our undergraduate advisor--a professional hydrologist--can show you how the course work you've already completed can be integrated with the EHY major. 


Learn more about the programs we offer, including the undergraduate (BS) degree program in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources and the accelerated (combined) BS/MS degree program in Environmental Hydrology (BS) and Hydrology (MS).

You can learn more about what our graduates do and where they work in the Careers and Opportunities sections.

Research & Professional Experience

Our students complement their academic study with practical and applied experiences through their field/laboratory courses, internships with employers in industry/consulting and government agencies, study abroad, and directed research with campus colleagues and external city, county, state, and federal agencies.  Many of these experiences are recorded and summarized in the students' Senior Capstone Projects.

How To Change Major or Minor

Our department resides in the College of Science.  You can read about the university's Change of Major process here and find general advising information on the COS website.  Our department's undergraduate coordinator (see Contact section, below) can walk you through the process of submitting a Change of Major form.


We'd be pleased to give you a tour of the department and introduce you to some of our students.  We are located in the John W. Harshbarger Building #11 at 1133 East James E. Rogers Way just west of the Student Union Memorial Center and the Second Street Parking Garage (see the visitor map).