Prospective First Year Students

Intrigued by how the Earth's hydrosphere works?  Passionate about the broader issues related to water, the environment, and sustainability?  Curious about how to develop this into a great career?

We can show you how to channel your curiosity and passion into a career with an undergraduate major in Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences! Choose one of two subplans: Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (ATMO) or Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources (EHY).


We offer the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program with a major in Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences with two distinct subplans, as well as the Accelerated Master's Programs (combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees) in both areas.

You can learn more about what our graduates do and where they work in the Careers and Opportunities sections. 

Research & Professional Experience

Our students complement their academic study with practical and applied experiences through their field/laboratory courses, internships with employers in industry/consulting and government agencies, study abroad, and directed research with campus colleagues and external city, county, state, and federal agencies.  Many of these experiences are recorded and summarized in the students' Senior Capstone Projects.

How To Apply

After you meet or talk with us, you can apply at the UA Admissions website:  Under the How To Apply tab, click on the First Year link for a brief list of High School requirements and deadlines.  Want more details?  Read more in the FAQs section for First Year students.


We'd be pleased to give you a tour of the department and introduce you to some of our students. For information about the Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (ATMO) subplan, contact Brittany Ciancarelli at: For information about the Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources (EHY) subplan, contact Dr. Martha P.L. Whitaker at: