Thomas Meixner In Memoriam

Thomas Meixner

Former Professor and Department Head, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

Deceased October 5, 2022  |  Obituary  |  Candlelight Vigil Honoring Thomas Meixner

Expertise  Watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry hydrologic controls on water quality, GIS, remote sensing, hydrochemical modeling, atmospheric chemistry, aqueous geochemistry, water quality modeling, sensitivity analysis, automatic parameter estimation, semi-arid hydrology, riparian sustainability, climate change impacts on water resources, and multi-criteria analysis.


  • PHD hydrology 1999, The University of Arizona

American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting 2023, Special Session B048: Making the world better through Biogeochemistry

(11-15 Dec 2023) This year’s AGU theme of Wide. Open. Science. is a perfect reflection of Thomas Meixner: he was the ultimate collaborative scientist that understood the value of stakeholder engagement and the importance of disseminating research outcomes to a wide audience. Tom's research interests laid at the intersection between hydrology and biogeochemistry and focused on how hydrologic processes control biogeochemical responses at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. This session invites submissions of work aligned with or inspired by Tom Meixner’s research, including arid and semi-arid lands hydrology and biogeochemistry, impacts of climate change on groundwater recharge, coupled human-natural systems science, rainwater harvesting and urban hydrology, stream hydrochemistry, and biogeochemical modeling. Presentations that demonstrate connections between these research themes, opportunities for student education, and application in the real world are especially welcome.

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Memorial ALERT Rain Gauge

(March 2023) The Pima County Flood District has completed the installation of its newest rain gauge at Holy Hope Cemetery in dedication to the late Tom Meixner. The rain gauge will provide advance flood warning for the Flowing Wells area as well as assist in rainfall data collection for County projects within the City of Tucson. This was done in coordination with the Meixner family as a way of honoring Tom’s legacy of community involvement and hydrology research. The Meixner family wishes to express their gratitude to the District for making this memorial possible.

The rain gauge is operational and viewable on the ALERT site: PCRFCD ALERT Google Data Display Map (

Our thanks go out to our colleagues at Pima County Regional Flood Control District.