Xubin Zeng Research Group at the HAS High-Altitude Observatory on Mount Lemmon

July 14, 2022
Professor Zeng and Research Group on Mount Lemmon 2022

(Standing in front of the rock, left to right) HAS Professor Xubin Zeng, research scientist Amir Ouyed,
research scientist Mike Brunke, doctoral student Brandon Mitchell, doctoral student Lauren Cutler,
undergraduate researcher Annalisa Minke, and Master's student Tianyi He

HAS Professor Xubin Zeng and members of his Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction research group (LAOI) visited the HAS High-Altitude Observatory on Mount Lemmon on June 28, 2022, as part of a research retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to stimulate discussion about future research projects that could utilize the location and to provide a fun day of hiking for everyone who attended.

After a morning of hiking followed by an al fresco lunch, the group visited the mountaintop facility. The High-Altitude Observatory has been disused for some time and is currently in need of renovation. Several HAS faculty members are seeking potential funding opportunities to bring new life back to this unique facility.

Special thanks to HAS graduate student Brandon Mitchell who organized the event!