Prof. Alberto Guadagnini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and Long-Time HAS Affiliate Faculty member, Awarded 2024 European Geophysical Union Darcy Medal

Nov. 22, 2023
Alberto Guadagnini 2024 EGU Darcy Medal

Our warmest congratulations go to Prof. Alberto Guadagnini of the Politecnico di Milano (Italy), and a long-time Affiliate Faculty member of HAS, who has been awarded the 2024 European Geophysical Union’s prestigious Darcy Medal.  

Thank you to HAS Professor Larry Winter for sharing this great news: 

"Alberto’s affiliation with Hydrology at UArizona goes back over 25 years and includes many collaborations that have advanced the science of predicting flow and transport in highly heterogeneous porous media and other complex dynamical systems that are marked by both deterministic and stochastic uncertainty. We are proud to claim him as a valued affiliate member of our faculty, a distinguished mentor of our students and ourselves, and most especially, a close colleague and friend to our department."

From the EGU Darcy Medal website:

"The Darcy Medal was established by the Hydrological Sciences Division of EGU in recognition of the scientific achievements of Henry Darcy, the Father of Groundwater Hydrology.  It is awarded annually to individuals in recognition of their outstanding scientific contributions in water resources research and water resources engineering and management. 

Prof. Guadafnini's contributions to science and engineering are fully deserving of this prestigious award.  His research focuses on qualitative and quantitative aspects of flow and transport processes in (generally, saturated) multi-scaled porous media, in highly heterogeneous groundwater systems, and in underground energy resources.  His work combines the highest degree of scientific rigor with an emphasis on extending the results to concrete applications.  As such, it is in the best traditions of our applied science." 

"He is a distinguished member of the faculty of the Politecnico di Milano where he has been Professor of Hydraulic and Water Engineering since 2003, Director of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2017 - 2022) and Vice Rector for Research (since 2023).  In addition to its scientific distinction, his career is marked by strong leadership and service to the community of hydrologic science including directing large international projects (EU Projects FP5-FP7, H2020), significant service to groundwater societies (Interpore), and important editorships (Chief Executive Editor of HESS, AE WRR, AE SERRA)."

Larry Winter, HAS Professor