NASA Awards $30M Five-Year Grant to Armin Sorooshian and Xubin Zeng

Oct. 13, 2018

Our warmest congratulations go to HAS Joint Professor and PI Armin Sorooshian and HAS Professor and Deputy PI Xubin Zeng on their newly funded NASA project!

NASA has just announced funding for the $30M five-year collaborative project to study cloud-aerosol interactions over the Western Atlantic. Collaborators include scientists and engineers from NASA's Langley Research Center and several other universities, research centers, and laboratories.

Funding comes from NASA's Earth Venture-class program which funds projects investigating important but not well understood aspects of Earth system processes. Sorooshian, Zeng, and four other investigators from around the United States make up the third cohort of Earth Venture suborbital investigators.

Sorooshian and Zeng's investigation will focus on marine boundary layer clouds over the western North Atlantic Ocean that have a critical role in our planet's energy balance. Two NASA research aircraft will fly from Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, to gather measurements from above, below, and within the clouds.

Congratulations, Armin and Xubin!