Daniel and Alyssa Kirk Scholarship

Alyssa Kirk

Daniel Kirk


In 2021, Alyssa and Daniel Kirk formally initiated the Kirk Scholarship, for the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, which aims to support individuals of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in science. 

Alyssa Kirk is a groundwater hydrologist specializing in water resources, environmental contamination, and groundwater modeling. She is an alumna of the University of Arizona College of Science, having received an Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources and a Masters Degree in Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences. 

Prior to her work as a consultant with Montgomery & Associates, Alyssa worked as a Hydrologist for the City of Tucson where she supported large scale aquifer recharge projects which help provide future water supply for the City of Tucson. Alyssa also serves on the University of Arizona’s College of Science Dean’s Board of Advisors, as well as the HAS Board of Advisors. 

Daniel Kirk is an entrepreneur with interests in technology, science, marketing, consulting and real estate. He graduated in 2013 with a BA in Music from the University of Arizona. After graduation he co-founded a software company that garnered big name customers like NYU, Stanford and Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Upon leaving that company, he got into growth consulting and has helped almost 500 companies in the past decade. Daniel’s current interests and ventures are diverse and he enjoys learning as many new things as possible and supporting bright minds on a mission. 


The Kirk Scholarship award disbursement began in 2022 to support the department's efforts to increase diversity among undergraduates majoring in the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences (HAS). This scholarship, valued at $5,000 annually, is made possible by generous donations from University of Arizona alumni Daniel P. Kirk (BA 2013, Music) and Alyssa G. Kirk (BS 2014, MS 2020, HAS) and gifts from friends, family, and the community. This scholarship aims to fund 5 scholars a year with $1000 of funding for each scholar. Award Period: 2022-2026. 

Eligibility and Selection

An applicant must be a full-time undergraduate student majoring in HAS with a minimum 2.75 or greater cumulative GPA. Students will be nominated by a faculty or staff member based on the student's ability to broaden perspectives and scientific approaches as demonstrated by the student's diverse life experiences (e.g., economic, educational, cultural, geographic, and/or familial background). 

A scholarship review committee comprised of HAS faculty and staff appointed by the Department Head will review and select recipients. The committee will evaluate each applicant based on the eligibility criteria. The number and amount of each award will be determined by the availability of funding. Scholarship recipients are eligible for renewal consideration if recipients continue to meet the eligibility criteria.