Vehicle Rental

  • Rented or chartered vehicles may be used where other means of travel cannot be economically used if approved in advance by the department head. The use of such means must be explained on the Travel Authorization.
  • Rented vehicles may be used when it is advantageous to the State and not for the travelers convenience. 
  • The University of Arizona Motor Pool rents vehicles, at a reasonable cost, to the University community. The Motor Pool follows UA Risk Management fleet safety policy, on minimum age and experience requirements. Motor Pool vehicles can be taken into Mexico with prior authorization and proper insurance which can be obtained thru Risk Management, For additional information as well as prices go to the Motor Pool's home page. (When comparing rates, please remember that the cost of gasoline and insurance are included. Taxes are not applicable.)
  • The University is a member of the Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service (E&I) a purchasing cooperative that provides discounts on many products and services including car rental. Discounts are available from Avis, Budget, Hertz and Enterprise and vary depending on location, date and time of arrival/return and vehicle type. Contact a Procurement and Contracting Services Buyer for additional information.
  • Decline the collision damage insurance waiver (CDW) unless you are under 25 years old or are on foreign travel status. Losses below the deductible will be covered by State of Arizona self insurance. In the event of an accident follow Risk Management policies. Do not pay for the damages.
  • For receipt information see the Receipt Requirement section.
  • Gasoline: Travelers using rented vehicles may claim the actual cost of gasoline with receipts, but cannot claim mileage.  See the Receipt Requirement section for reimbursement requirements.
  • Renting a Vehicle through Enterprise or National Auto go to ua_enterprise_national_auto_rental.pdf

Go to the UA Transportation website for more information.