Outcomes: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Hydrology

Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs)

Upon completion of this program, students will have the skills and abilities to:

  1. Effectively communicate hydrologic concepts and research
  2. Collect hydrologic data (e.g. surface water, groundwater, water quality)
  3. Analyze hydrologic data (e.g. surface water, groundwater, water quality)
  4. Complete a basic hydrologic or water resources research project that involves integrated problem solving

Table 1 below identifies all of the HWRS Courses Assessed in which skill-building takes place to achieve the ELOs which are ultimately measured in HWRS 498/498H and/or HWRS 413A/513A and reported as the final grade (or averaged grade) of one or both of these classes.

Table 1: How Individual Courses Contribute to Expected Learning Outcomes

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*Indicates HWRS major electives in which three courses are selected from a list of five choices. Only four courses are listed here because the other choice includes two courses, either an RNR GIS-content course or GEOS 450 Geomorphology, that are not specifically hydrology courses. The courses listed with an asterisk are, therefore, not absolutely required, although one or more will be completed to fulfill degree requirements.

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