Measures: Bachelor of Science Environmental Hydrology


The Measure of all four Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs) is assessed in HWRS 498 Senior Capstone (or HWRS 498H Honors Senior Capstone) and/or HWRS 413A Field Methods in Hydrology and Water Resources, both of which are culminating experiences for the students. The courses students have completed up to that point, i.e. those listed in the ELO Table, contribute to skill-building and the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to succeed in these culminating experiences; therefore, the ELOs can be measured by the final grade for either course. Consequently, the final grade for the course represents an effective measure of EHY students' accomplishments by Exceeding our expectations for the ELOs (A=4.0), Meeting the ELOs (B=3.0-3.9), Approaching the ELOs (C=2.0-2.9), Falling below the ELOs (D=1.0-1.9), or Failing to meet the ELOs (E=0.0-0.9).

While the measure of ELOs is reported as the grades students receive in HWRS 498/H and/or HWRS 413A/513A, they receive specific feedback on individual assignments that pertain to the ELOs.

Outcome 1: Effectively communicate hydrologic concepts and research

Measured by:

  • Grade on final written report in HWRS 498/498H and/or HWRS 413A
  • Score on El Día poster or oral presentation

Outcome 2: Collect hydrologic data (e.g. surface water, groundwater, water quality)

Measured by:

  • Grades on data collection assignments in HWRS 413A

Outcome 3: Analyze hydrologic data (e.g. surface water, groundwater, water quality)

Measured by:

  • Grades on analysis assignments in HWRS 413A or El Día judges' assessment of analysis in presentation

Outcome 4: Complete a basic hydrologic or water resources research project that involves integrated problem solving

Measured by:

  • Grade on final written report for HWRS 413A or final written report in HWRS 498/498H

Figure 1 shows the results of the HAS Department's Assessment of ELOs for graduates of the BS with a major in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources. In Academic Year (AY) 2014-15 (6 students) and AY2015-16 (10 students), 100% of students Exceeded the ELOs, i.e. all earned A's in HWRS 498/498H and/or HWRS 413A/513A. In AY2016-17, 86% of graduates (6 students) Exceeded the ELOs (i.e. all earned A's), while 14% of graduates (1 student) Met the ELOs with an average grade of B=3.625.

Figure 1:

Figure 1 Assessment EHYBS July 2017

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