UA Wonder House at South X Southwest Features Laura Condon Talk: I Know What Your Watershed Did Last Summer

March 31, 2023
Laura Condon Talk Wonder House South by Southwest 23

UA Wonder House SouthXSouthwest23

Kudos to HAS Associate Professor Laura Condon, one of the College of Science faculty members selected to make a presentation at the UA Wonder House: South X Southwest conference on March 14 in Austin, Texas.

You can watch Laura's talk and Q&A session, I Know What Your Watershed Did Last Summer, on You Tube now. 

University of Arizona College of Science Dean Carmala Garzione introduced Condon to the SouthXSouthwest stage:

"Understanding and predicting watershed behaviors in a changing climate is a big scientific challenge. Human decision making and all the ways we move water and change landscapes increases the the complexity significantly. With the computing power we have today, we can begin to model our water reality and build useful tools that will help modern city planners and managers make real-time decisions with much better clarity about the future. Laura will walk us through not only how watersheds function, but how our built environment affects the flow for today and the future."

Condon's renowned research focuses on large-scale water sustainability and the dynamic behavior of managed hydrologic systems in the context of past development and future climate change. Her work combines physically based numerical modeling with statistical techniques to evaluate large systems using rigorous quantitative methods.

Congratulations on a great talk, Laura!


Laura Condon