History of Student Association Officers

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AY 2021-2022 Officers

2021-2022 HASSA Officers

Danielle E. Tadych, President
Xenia de Garcia, Vice President & Social Chair
Robert "Quinn" Hull, Outreach & El Dia Chair
Stephanie Serrano, Secretary
Alcely Lau, Treasurer
Sam Dahl, Undergraduate Representative
Photo available from 2021 Halloween Event

AY 2020-2021 Officers

2020-2021 HASSA Officers
Benjamin Troy Mitchell, President
Kevin Strongman, Vice President
Danielle Tadych, Treasurer
Jen Steyaert, El Día Chair
Jordann Brendecke, Secretary & Social Chair
Sierra Bettis, Undergraduate Representative
Ty Ferré, Faculty Advisor (not shown)
Photoshopped due to COVID

AY 2019-2020 Officers

HASSA Officers AY2019-20

Front row: Diana Zamora-Reyes, President, Lauren Cutler, Vice President & El Dia Chair, Rachel Spinti, Treasurer
Second row: Amy Rosebrough, Social Chair, Kevin Strongman, Secretary
Third row: Garrett Rapp & Maddy Holland, Outreach Chairs & Fundraising Chairs
Ty Ferré, Faculty Advisor (not shown)

AY 2018-2019 Officers

Photo HASSA Officers 2018-2019

Neha Gupta, President
Chandler Noyes, Vice President
Ted McHardy
Karl Pereira, Social Chair
Brianna Rupkalvis
Charlie Devine
Adriana Arcelay
Rebecca Stolar
Patrick Bunn
Tiffani Canez, Undergraduate Representative
Sheila Solis-Arroyo, Undergraduate Representative
Ty Ferré, Faculty Advisor

AY2017-2018 Officers

Front Row, Left to Right: Ángel Briseño, Jeffrey Klakovich, Katerena Matos, Neha Gupta, Tiffani Canez. Back Row, Left to Right: Thomas Meixner, Joel Atwood, Joshua Welty, Victoria Hermosilla, Jack Anderson. Not pictured: Jessica Lynum.

Victoria Hermosilla, President
Katarena Matos, Vice President
Neha Gupta, Treasurer
Ángel Briseño, Secretary
Jeffrey Klakovich, Outreach Coordinator
Jack Anderson, Fundraising and Colloquia Snacks
Joel Atwood, Social Media
Joshua Welty, Social Chair
Jessica Lynum, Undergraduate Representative
Tiffany Canez, Undergraduate Representative
Thomas Meixner, Faculty Advisor

AY2016-2017 Officers

HASSA Group Photo AY2016-17

Front Row, Left to Right: Roy Tirthankar, President; Mohammad Moghaddam, Social Chair; Tim Lahmers, Vice President; Erin Gray, Undergraduate Representative; Tom Meixner, Faculty Advisor; Tao Liu, Treasurer; Jack Eyre, Social Chair. Back Row: Mekha Pereira, Undergraduate Representative.

Roy Tirthankar, President
Tim Lahmers, Vice President
Tao Liu, Treasurer
Jack Eyre, Social Chair
Mohammad Moghaddam, Social Chair
Erin Gray, Undergraduate Representative
Mekha Pereira, Undergraduate Representative
Thomas Meixner, Faculty Advisor

AY2015-2016 Officers

Left to right: Tom Meixner, Faculty Mentor; Rodrigo Marcelo Valdes, President; Francisco Balocchi, Treasurer; Marisa Earll, Social Chair; Ravindra Dwivedi, Vice President; Ben Paras, Social Chair; Brianna McClure, Social Chair; Undergraduate Representative, Erin Gray, not shown.

Rodrigo Marcelo Valdes, President
Ravinda Dwivedi, Vice President
Francisco Balocchi, Treasurer
Marisa Earll, Social Chair
Brianna McClure, Social Chair
Ben Paras, Social Chair
Erin Gray, Undergraduate Representative
Tom Meixner, Faculty Advisor

AY2014-2015 Officers

Back row (behind sign), left to right:  Tom Meixner, Faculty Mentor; Rodrigo Andres Sanchez, Treasurer; Antonio Meira Neto, President. Front row, left to right: Rajarshi Mukherjee, Social Chair; Marlyn Ripalda, Undergraduate Representative; Alissa White, Social Chair; Katarena Matos, Undergraduate Representative; and Tirthankar Roy, Vice President.

Antonio Meira Neto, President
Tirthankar Roy, Vice President
Rodrigo Andres Sanchez, Treasurer
Rajarshi Mukherjee, Social Chair
Alissa White, Social Chair
Katarena Matos, Undergraduate Representative
Marlyn Ripalda, Undergraduate Representative
Tom Meixner, Faculty Advisor

AY2013-2014 Officers

Left to right: Kirstin Neff, Social Chair; Xavier Zapata-Rios, Vice President; Michael (Chak) Tso, Treasurer; Derek Groenendyk, President; Tom Meixner, Faculty Mentor; Daniel Trail and Marlyn Ripalda, Undergraduate Representatives, not shown.

Derek Groenendyk, President
Xavier Zapata-Rios, Vice President
Michael (Chak) Tso, Treasurer
Kirstin Neff, Social Chair
Marlyn Ripalda, Undergraduate Representative
Daniel Trail, Undergraduate Representative
Tom Meixner, Faculty Advisor

AY2012-2013 Officers

Left to right: Timothy Bayley, Vice President; Colin Kikuchi, President; Robert (Bobby) Chrisman, Social Chair; Jenna Shelton, Treasurer; Tom Meixner, Faculty Mentor, not shown.

Colin Kikuchi, President
Timothy Bayley, Vice President
Jenna Shelton, Treasurer
Robert (Bobby) Chrisman, Social Chair
Tom Meixner, Faculty Advisor

AY2011-2012 Officers

Left to right: Jacob Knight, Social Chair; Becky Witte, Vice President; Courtney Porter, Treasurer; Hussein Jeffrey Gawad, President; Tom Meixner, Faculty Mentor. Tymon Khamsi, Undergraduate Representative, not shown.

Hussein Jeffrey Gawad, President
Becky Witte, Vice President
Courtney Porter, Treasurer
Jacob Knight, Social Chair
Tymon Khamsi, Undergraduate Representative

AY2010-2011 Officers

No photo available

Gustavo Carillo-Soto, President
Deqiang Mao, Vice President
Liang Xue, Treasurer
Damian Gosch, Social Chair
Tom Meixner, Faculty Advisor

AY2009-2010 Officers

Left to right:  Matt Switanek, Vice President; Ingo Heidbuechel, President with the official Seal of Approval; Phoolendra Mishra, Treasurer; and, Viviana Lopez-Burgos, Social Chair. 

Ingo Heidbuechel, President
Matt Switanek, Vice President
Phoolendra Mishra, Treasurer
Viviana Lopez-Burgos, Social Chair
Tom Meixner, Faculty Advisor

Note: Information for Atmospheric Sciences Officers 2014-2015 and prior years pending confirmation

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