HAS 100% Engagement

College of Science & Environmental Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

What is 100% Engagement?

  • Hands-on experiences to apply what you're learning
  • Chances to learn new skills (like leadership or entrepreneurship)
  • Classes or non-credit opportunities offered across campus

Why participate in 100% Engagement?

  • Expand your knowledge and skill-sets
  • Learn how to tell your story
  • Gain real world and interdisciplinary experience
  • Get a special notation on your UA transcript

How do I participate in a 100% Engagement Experience?

Opportunities for Environmental Hydrology (EHY) Majors

Environmental Hydrology (EHY) majors automatically obtain a 100% Engagement experience in HWRS 413A Field Hydrology and HWRS 498/498H Senior Capstone.

HWRS 413A Field Hydrology In this course, students are introduced to instruments and methods for conducting and interpreting subsurface and surface hydrological field investigations. Subsurface field methods include tensiometers, gravimetric methods, neutron probes, time domain reflectometry, lysimeters and infiltrometers. Surface field methods include stream gaging, indirect discharge measurements, and micrometeorological instruments; snow hydrology. As part of the course, there is an extensive water (quality) sampling and data analysis campaign that includes daily field work, and preparation of professional-quality lab and field reports. Transportation to field sites will be provided. Daily field trips and overnight camping in the field is required.

On your transcript, the 100% Engagement Activity is "Professional Development," and the Competency demonstrated is "Interdisciplinarity," where students collaborate across disciplines to combine knowledge and achieve shared goals.

HWRS 498/498H Senior Capstone Students must have engaged in a hydrology or water resources internship, water science research, or water policy research. The key requirement is that the project is water-related, and the student has engaged in data analysis during the project.

This is a two-semester course, beginning in fall semester (2 units) and concluding in the subsequent spring semester (2 units). During fall semester, students prepare a professional poster presentation of their undergraduate hydrolory or water resources research project, to be presented in the subsequent spring semester at El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera, the department's annual student research symposium held on the UA campus. In the weeks following El Día, students complete their final written Capstone Report.

On your transcript, the 100% Engagement Activity is "Professional Development," and the Competency demonstrated is "Innovation and Creativity," where students apply information and imagination to generate new ideas that address important needs.

Additional HWRS 100% Engagement Opportunities

Ask your EHY advisor about additional 100% Engagement opportunites:  Dr. Martha Whitaker at (520) 621-9715 or marthaw@email.arizona.edu

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