Graduate Certificate in Hydrology and Water Resources

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The Graduate Certificate in Hydrology and Water Resources provides specialized education for those seeking professional work in hydrologic design, planning, and operation of water resources systems. The program serves three primary student groups:

  • Current graduate students not currently majoring in hydrology and water resources
  • Working professionals, post-baccalaureate degree
  • Non-degree trainees, post-baccalaureate degree

The curriculum explores a variety of hydrology and water resources topics and provides an introduction to fundamental principles of hydrology and water resources that are relevant to professional practice in this field through introduction of basic fluid mechanics, hydraulic engineering, and water resources systems. The curriculum also emphasizes experimental and research techniques that are applicable to hydrology and water resources.


Completion of 4 courses (12 semester units) from an approved list of graduate-level HAS courses

Foundation Course Requirement - Select 2 or more courses from the following:

  • HAS 517A Fundamentals of Water Quality (3)
  • HAS 518 Fundamentals of Subsurface Hydrology (3)
  • HAS 519 Fundamentals of Surface Water Hydrology (3)
  • HAS 528 Fundamentals: Systems Approach to Hydrologic Modeling (3)

Elective Course Requirement - Select additional course(s) to meet the 12-unit requirement:

  • Other HAS courses offered at the graduate-level that have been approved by the HAS Graduate Committee prior to enrollment and completion
  • With approval of the HAS Graduate Committee, one course outside HAS may be approved (not more that 25% of the total number of units required for the certificate)
  • No transfer course work from outside the University of Arizona may be included
  • All course work will be offered on campus and in person
  • No correspondence or online courses available at this time

Admission, Enrollment, Time to Completion, and Advising

  • Applicants to the certificate program must meet Graduate Admissions Requirements for study at the University of Arizona
    • Apply at the Graduate College website: Click on the Apply Now button for the Program of Study "Hydrology and Water Resources (Certificate NDP).
    • The department does not require the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) for applicants to the Graduate Certificate program.
  • Concurrent enrollment in a degree program is permitted but not required
  • Students may be admitted to a degree-seeking program in another department and complete the 12-unit certificate program in hydrology and water resources at the same time
  • A student may take up to 6 units (from the approved Foundation Course list or pre-approved courses by the HAS Graduate Committee) as a non-degree seeking student prior to enrolling in the certificate program
  • Standard completion time for this certificate program is two semesters
  • If student meets established Graduate College and HAS department requirements AND wishes to pursue a degree-seeking program in HAS, the 12 units earned in the certificate program may be applied to the Master of Science in Hydrology and Water Resources degree program
  • HAS Primary (Core) Faculty Members will provide advising as needed
  • Affiliated Faculty Members--individuals with courtesy joint or adjunct appointments in HAS--are not classified as primary faculty for the certificate program

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate program, students will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate hydrologic concepts and research
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of the hydrologic cycle
  • Demonstrate mastery of particular aspects of the hydrologic cycle, e.g. surface water and groundwater interaction
  • Produce professional-quality reports based on reading and synthesized research
  • Demonstrate ability in the practice of basic hydrological measurement techniques, i.e. gather and analyze data and prepare reports and data summaries
  • Responsibly and ethically conduct work and research in the profession in diverse settings


General Inquiry:

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