Doctoral Minor in Atmospheric Sciences

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The doctoral minor program provides complementary educational and research expertise for students majoring in a variety of fields, such as Hydrology and Water Resources, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geosciences, Optical Sciences, and Planetary Sciences.

Faculty Committee

The doctoral minor faculty advisor should be chosen from among the ATMO core faculty. Early discussion is encouraged; the student should complete and obtain approval of their Minor Plan of Study preferably within the first semester.


There is no Doctoral Qualifying Examination for the doctoral minor.

The Doctoral Written Comprehensive Examination may be waived by the student's doctoral minor faculty advisor if an overall GPA of 3.5 is achieved for all 4 courses in the Minor Plan of Study.


The doctoral minor program requires 12 semester units of atmospheric science graduate-level course work, of which 3 units must be ATMO 536a. The remaining 9 units must be selected from the catalog list of ATMO courses where ATMO is the home department. (Any elective course prerequisites must be satisfied before the elective course is taken.)

Example Minor Degree Programs

Atmospheric chemistry focus (12 units total)

  • Spring 1:  ATMO 536A (3)
  • Fall 1:  ATMO 569A (3) and ATMO 521C (3)
  • Spring 2:  ATMO 569B (3)

Tropical meteorology focus (12 units total)

  • Spring 1: ATMO 536A (3) & ATMO 656B (3)
  • Fall 1:  ATMO 580 (3) & ATMO 529 (3)


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Director of Graduate Studies:

Xiquan Dong

Xiquan Dong

Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Director, Graduate Studies-Atmospheric Sciences
Joint Professor, Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis GIDP


Graduate College Student Services Degree Counselor:

Kristi Davenport