Undergraduate Certificate in Groundwater Hydrology

Student learning outcomes for this undergraduate certificate include a basic understanding of subsurface fluid flow and groundwater methods of data collection and analysis.  These are measured by successful completion of:

  1. An aquifer test, and associated data analysis assignment(s) in HWRS 350, HWRS 431, HWRS 413A-413B
  2. Assignments that require analysis of unsaturated and/or groundwater flow data (e.g. flow nets) in HWRS 350, HWRS 405, HWRS 431, HWRS 482
  3. Assignments or testing of ability to complete groundwater modeling assignments in HWRS 482, and
  4. Successful testing regarding knowledge of water budgets, water balance equation in HWRS 350, HWRS 413A-413B

Reference:  Handbook for the Undergraduate Certificate in Groundwater Hydrology

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