Measures: Master of Science Hydrology


Master's students are assessed through a variety of direct and indirect activities throughout their studies.

Outcome 1: Demonstrate mastery of at least four of the following topics* (water quality, subsurface hydrology, surface water hydrology, systems hydrology, water policy)

  • Completion of core courses* (or equivalent) with grade of B or higher

Outcome 2: Conduct basic hydrological measurement techniques

  • Grade in HWRS 513A

Outcome 3: Analyze hydrologic data and formulate conclusions

  • Grade in 513A

Outcome 4: Effectively communicate hydrologic concepts and research

  • Presentation at El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera or enrollment in an HWRS 696-series seminar course (for MS students); Completion of two professional presentations, one of which can be at El Día (for PHD students). Students receive specific feedback on their presentations from El Día judging (Rubric to be improved)

Outcome 5: Produce and/or publish, e.g. data summaries, reports, journal-quality papers on research results

  • Grade of "P" (Pass) or "S" (Superior) on thesis or dissertation (Rubric to be developed)

*Core Courses:  HWRS 517A Fundamentals of Water Quality, HWRS 518 Fundamentals of Subsurface Hydrology, HWRS 519 Fundamentals of Surface Hydrology, HWRS 528 Fundamentals: Systems Approach to Hydrologic Modeling, HWRS 515 Fundamentals Water Policy, Management, Planning, Rights or equivalent course

Assessment Reports for  AY2015-16 and AY2016-17

For ELO1, each student's grades for the 4-5 core courses were averaged into one composite grade, then all of the students' composite grades were averaged to report the measured assessment for ELO1. For AY2015-16, the average grade was 3.76, and in AY2016-17, the average was 3.94.

ELO2 and ELO3 were measured using the Average of all graduates' final grades for HWRS 513A Field Hydrology. For both Academic Years, all students earned grades of A, so all students exceeded the ELO2 and ELO3, and the measurement is 4.0.

ELO4 was measured by the completion of a profesisonal presentation at El Día or completion of an HWRS 696-series seminar course (for MS students). PHD students were required to complete two professional presentations, one of which may have occurred at El Día. All students met this requirement.

ELO5 was measured by the grade on a student's thesis or dissertation. The grade of "P" (Pass) is represented with a 3.0, while the grade of "S" (Superior) is represented with a 4.0. For AY2015-16, the average score for all 7 students is 3.29, and for AY2016-17, the average score is 3.14.

Figure 1 shows the most recent measured assessment of ELOs for HWRS graduate degrees, where 3.0 = Met Expectations and 4.0 = Exceeded Expectations.

Figure 1:

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