HAS General Education: Tier 1 and 2

Tier 1 Courses (Natural Sciences)

ATMO 170A1 - Introduction to Weather and Climate

Introduction to the science of weather processes and climate, including the genesis of fronts and cyclones, precipitation processes, the wind systems of the world, severe storms, and weather forecasting. Special emphasis on natural phenomena which have strong impacts on human activities, including tornadoes, hurricanes, El Niño, global warming, ozone depletion, and air pollution. The fundamental importance of physics, chemistry, and mathematics to atmospheric science will be stressed.

ATMO 171 - Introduction to Meteorology and Climatology

Introduction to weather processes and climate, including discussions of fronts and cyclones, precipitation processes, the wind systems of the world, severe storms, and weather modification.

HWRS 150A1 - The Art and Science of Decision

Focusing on both practical and theoretical aspects, the course examines the underlying concepts of decision making. Special emphasis on easily accessible topics that students can discuss initially from their own experience and then later re-examine after learning new concepts. MATLAB will be introduced painlessly to give students a platform to test decision scenarios and develop decision games.  For Honors College students only.

HWRS 170A1 - Earth: Our Watery Home

Introduction to the science of water and its movement in and through the Earth system and interactions with people and ecosystems. Special emphasis on how the physical properties of water and the complexity of the Earth system interact with human societies and ecosystems to create the challenges and opportunities of water resources. The fundamental importance of physics, chemistry, and mathematics to water science will be stressed.  Honors contract available.

Tier 2 Courses (Natural Sciences)

ATMO 325 - Understanding and Forecasting the Weather

Beyond the basics:  This course is designed to teach students the basics (beyond Tier 1 material) of weather and weather forecasting.

ATMO 336 - Weather, Climate, and Society

Beyond the basics:  This course examines basic weather phenomena, climate and climate change, and the associated effects on individuals and societies in the past and present. The possibility and effects of human-caused changes in the climate system are also discussed.

HWRS 201 - Water Science and the Environment

Water plays a crucial role in the physical, chemical, and biological processes that regulate the Earth system. The relations of physical hydrology are derived from the fundamental laws of physics and chemistry. The water cycle forms the framework for the study of hydrological science.  Honors section available.

HWRS 202 - The Water Cycle

The purpose of the course is to help students gain a quantitative understanding of the relationship between the hydrosphere and atmosphere and their impact on hydrologic systems, with emphasis on environmental effects. Field trips to the National Weather Service and to the City of Tucson Water Purification Plant.  Honors section available.

HWRS 203 - Arizona Water Issues

Study of the use and misuse of water throughout Arizona and the fundamental tools used to study water supply, water quality, and water conservation. Introduction to basic hydrologic principles to help students deal with issues they will encounter later as public citizens in their own communities.

HWRS 204 - Environmental Water Quality Issues

Introduction to water quality issues in the environment will ask a variety of questions, including: How safe is your drinking water? What are natural versus human-made sources of contamination in the environment? What might the environmental consequences be of major disasters, e.g. BP oil spill? Students will gain an understanding of what water is made of, i.e. what is dissolved in water, what controls water quality, standards and regulations, basic water quality measurements, and major water quality problems in the environment with a focus on current events.  Honors contract available.