Bachelor of Science with a Major in Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

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Area of Emphasis: Environmental Hydrology

Water is life: It is an essential component of our environment.  Hydrology, the science of water, deals with the origin, distribution, and properties - physical, chemical and biological - of waters of the Earth and even other planets, such as Mars.  Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources (EHY) is the applied science that investigates and characterizes the environmental state of our water and related land and ecological resources.  Hydrologists can pursue many different kinds of careers.  They work with water resource problems related to pollution, its prevention and clean-up, and natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, and water management concerns, including water supply, the design of wells and reservoirs, recreation, and environmental impacts on water quality. Protecting the quality of water for all uses is a critical part of the mission of hydrologists.

The four-year* undergraduate program is designed to give the student a basic knowledge of hydrology and allied subjects, including the basic environmental sciences, hydrologic modeling, and computer applications. Flexibility is offered through the selection of general education courses, core electives, technical electives, and specialty options.  The faculty offer expertise in the areas of terrestrial hydrometeorology, hydrogeology, environmental chemistry, environmental hydrology, water resources engineering, water resources engineering-systems, and water resources engineering-policy.  Instruction is augmented at all levels with field trips in Arizona, a state with great diversity of topographic and geologic features and climate zones, making it a superb outdoor laboratory.  A comprehensive field course--a semester-long course of laboratory and field methods plus a summer field experience--and a senior capstone course provide direct experience with hydrologic measurements, testing, and data gathering. Students apply these techniques at field sites and in research laboratories and process the resulting measurement data using computer models.

The field and internship experiences, coupled with a curriculum encompassing environmental hydrology and water resources in depth, enable graduates with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources to obtain entry-level professional positions and to perform the duties of these positions in a manner that leads to rapid career advancement.

*Eligible students who wish to combine a Bachelor of Science degree with a Master of Science degree may pursue the Accelerated Master's Program in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources, a five-year program, which combines both the B.S. and M.S. in Hydrology.

Area of Emphasis: Atmospheric Sciences

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Undergraduate Major in Environmental Hydrology & Water Resources

AY2016-2017 BS Environmental Hydrology Degree Program Course Grid

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Undergraduate Coordinator, Environmental Hydrology:  Martha P.L. Whitaker - 520-621-9715
Undergraduate Coordinator, Atmospheric Sciences: Brittany Ciancarelli - 520-621-6619

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