HAS Advisory Board

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(Photo: HAS Advisory Board Members)

2018-2019 Current Members & Professional Affiliations

Charlie Ester, III - Salt River Project
Karl Gast - Raytheon
Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Maile - 25th Operational Weather Squadron, DMAFB
John McCartney - Barrick Gold Corporation
Peter Mock - Peter Mock Groundwater Consulting, Inc.
Peter Quinlan - Board Chair - Vice President, Dudek, Inc.
Marty Ralph - Scripps Institution of Oceanography UCSD
Amber Sullins - ABC 15 News Phoenix
David F. Young - NASA Langley Research Center
Don Zhang - Peking University College of Engineering
Ruth Zollinger, Professor/Vice President Emeritus, Lakeland Community College

  HAS Advisory Board Past Members

Our Purpose

The Advisory Board's primary purpose is to provide advice and counsel to the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences (HAS) that encourages excellence and success in its programs of teaching, research, and service.

Advisory Board Bylaws approved April 4, 2016


Current activities include pre-proposal support and fundraising for the UA Innovative Spaces for Learning and Engagement (ISLE) "matching funds" grant program.

    • April-May 2019 -- Second appeal by email letter to alumni and friends
    • January 8, 2019 -- Success! The HAS ISLE matching funds grant proposal ($50,870) submitted to the UA Academic Affairs office has been awarded for renovation of the JW Harshbarger computer laboratory (room 110). Let the fundraising begin!
    • December 2018 -- First appeal (pre-award) by email letter to alumni
    • November 30, 2018 -- HAS ISLE proposal submitted to UA Office of Academic Affairs by PI Martha P.L. Whitaker, HAS Associate Professor of Practice
    • October-November 2018 -- Draft of renovation estimation budget with Facilities Management (including ADA requirements) for the HAS ISLE proposal, grant writing/feedback/revision, and faculty discussion and commitment to achieve 100% certification in collaborative learning pedagogy

More Current Activities


Development | Fundraising | Alum Contact
Peter Quinlan, Chair, with members Don Zhang, Peter Mock, and Marty Ralph
Contact: Peter Quinlan at pquinlan@dudek.com

Professional and Workforce Development
Charlie Ester, III Interim Chair, with members Cmdr. Stephen Maile, Karl Gast, and John McCartney
Contact: Charlie Ester, III at charlie.esterIII@srpnet.com

Charles Ester, III Chair, with members Xubin Zeng, Hoshin Gupta, and Ruth Zollinger
Contact: Charlie Ester, III at charlie.esterIII@srpnet.com 

Board Responsibilities and Guidelines

The Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences recognizes the value and importance of involving external stakeholders from appropriate fields in the development, delivery, and promotion of its programs through an external advisory board.

Responsiblities and Guidelines Document coming soon!

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