Faculty Award for Excellence at the Student Interface (Storm, Aqua Man, Captain Planet)

The student-selected Aqua Person Awards--Aqua Man /DC Justice League, Captain Planet /Turner/DIC Entertainment, and Storm /X-Men--for Outstanding Faculty Instructors are a much coveted honor in the department, and most faculty members are extremely reluctant to let go of their statuettes when their year of award comes to an end.

Each spring, the student association oversees voting for the best instructor in hydrology and in atmospheric sciences (one for each general area of study). Prior to 2016, the students voted for the most outstanding undergraduate and graduate instructors. Prior to 2014, the students voted for the most outstanding junior and senior faculty instructors--Assistant-Associate Professor rank and Professor rank, respectively. The statuettes are bestowed during the awards presentation at El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera.

Aqua Person Awards for Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Faculty Instructors [Prior to 2017, AquaMan and/or AquaWoman awards were given]

  • 2017 Storm to Jennifer McIntosh, AquaMan to Tom Meixner, and Captain Planet to Ave Arellano
  • 2016 Martha Whitaker in Hydrology; Christopher Castro & Thomas Gallerneau in Atmospheric Sciences (a tie!)
  • 2015 Martha Whitaker (undergraduate) and P.A. Ty Ferré (graduate)
  • 2014  Martha Whitaker (undergraduate) and T.C.-Jim Yeh (graduate)
  • 2013  Jennifer McIntosh and Ty Ferré
  • 2012  Tom Meixner and Ty Ferré
  • 2011  Jennifer McIntosh and Peter Troch
  • 2010  Ty Ferré and Hoshin Gupta
  • 2009  Jennifer McIntosh and Hoshin Gupta
  • 2008  Tom Meixner and Hoshin Gupta
  • 2007  Tom Meixner and Hoshin Gupta
  • 2006  Ty Ferré and Hoshin Gupta & Shlomo Neuman (a tie!)
  • 2005        Names pending confirmation
  • 2004        Names pending confirmation
  • 2003  Bart Nijssen and Jim Yeh
  • 2002  Ty Ferré and  Name pending confirmation
  • 2001  Ty Ferré and  Name pending confirmation
  • 2000  Ty Ferré and Randy Bassett

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