Utilizing hydrologic models to analyze effects of green infrastructure with simulated storm events for the City of South Tucson

Jason Schlottman1, Thomas Meixner1
1Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona

The use of hydrologic models to simulate flow from storm events can help determine optimal locations to install green infrastructure (GI) in the form of rainwater harvesting basins to capture excess stormwater and thus minimize the risk of flooding. This project aims to utilize GIS tools, including the Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment Tool, known as AGWA, along with the Kinematic Runoff and Erosion model (KINEROS2) to identify optimal GI locations in the City of South Tucson. Rather than developing a new model for the study region, a model developed for Tucson’s Rincon Heights neighborhood will be applied to analyze the runoff response of storm events in a similar area in the City of South Tucson region. By analyzing the region's response to simulated flood events of varying frequency and intensity, we intend to determine the efficacy of green infrastructure to retain stormflow and identify prime locations for GI installation.

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