Thank You 2021 El Dia Sponsors!

Applause, applause for our fantastic sponsors of 2021 El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera!

Despite the uncertainty and stress we have all dealt with this year, juggling our virtual work lives with our home-bound physical lives, our Sponsors--our wonderful alumni, friends, and colleagues--have risen to the challenge by providing substantial financial support to our students for our second virtual conference.

Collectively, you have made $10,200 available for student awards this year! 

We are grateful to our Legacy Sponsors for their unwavering generosity and continued support for our major awards and prizes and to this year's Virtual Award Sponsors who have allowed us to recognize an even greater number of students.

Join us for the virtual Awards Ceremony on Monday, April 5, at 4 pm on Zoom: You can read more about the criteria for Awards and Prizes at 2021 Awards and Prizes. Thank you! 

Legacy Sponsors

2021 Virtual Sponsors

Individual: Michael Carpenter

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