Stanley N. Davis Endowment

Photo of Stanley Davis

Increase Your Philanthropic Impact for Graduate Student Support!

The Stan Davis Endowment was recently established by Phil Fitzwater, alumnus of the University of Arizona Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences (HAS), to support graduate student scholarships. Named in memory of Dr. Stanley N. Davis, who positively impacted Phil and many other students during his tenure as a professor, the scholarship enables us to recruit and retain the best and brightest students.

If alumni and friends of HAS can raise $20,000 for the Stan Davis Endowment, Phil will generously give an additional $5,000. That means your gift to support graduate students can have an even greater impact!

Dr. Stanley N. Davis was a professor and former head of the department of hydrology and water resources. Davis earned a bachelor's degree in geology with a minor in mathematics from the University of Nevada in 1949, a Master of Science degree in geology from the University of Kansas in 1951 and his doctorate in geology from Yale University in 1955. He joined the University of Arizona faculty in 1975. During his career, Davis was a consultant for the United States Bureau of Reclamation, the Kansas and Missouri geological surveys, the Arctic Institute of North America, Princeton University, and the University Oriente and the University de los Andes, both in Venezuela.

“Stan Davis was an inspired teacher and mentor. Never too harsh, never too weak, always just right. I owe him an everlasting thanks for a good start on a long and successful career, but most of all for the guidance and outstanding example of excellence that he provided all those around him. It is an honor to offer up a scholarship fund in his name and memory. Please dig deep and support future students with a donation of consequence. Your money will be well spent in making future fine scientists aspiring to the caliber of Dr. Stan Davis.” - Phillip Fitzwater, Class of 1981 Groundwater Hydrology MS

This is an exciting opportunity that will help HAS students experience high quality education and branch into careers that will impact our field and our world. 

We hope you will consider making a gift today!  Go to Stanley N. Davis Campaign to give.