Seminars Spring 2022

Format  Weekly informal talks by invited speakers - Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Colloquium (HWRS 495A-595A)
Time & Location  Thursdays at 4 pm in Harshbarger 110 - In-person and/or remote status indicated under Title (blank, to be determined) - See email announcement for remote login details (not published here)
NEW Coordinator  Contact Bo Guo at or 520-626-9971
Want to meet the Speaker?  Contact the Host to request a meeting with the Speaker
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Jan 12 First day of classes
Jan 13 First Thursday of semester - no speaker - meeting with students only Guo
Jan 17 Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday (U.S. observed) -- No classes and offices closed
Jan 20 Xubin Zeng HAS Research Group (remote & in person) Students and Postdocs from Dr. Zeng's Research Group will be repeating their AMS conference presentations Zeng
Jan 27
University of Wisconsin
(remote only) Measuring moisture from space - a perspective on the advent and evolution of satellite observations Zeng
Feb 3
Virginia Tech
(remote only) Molecular physics in shale oil and gas recovery Guo
Feb 10
National Science Foundation
(remote only) NSF funding opportunity for atmospheric sciences and meteorology Dong
Feb 17
University of Colorado
(remote & in person) The Earth Observing System, its Evolution and Achievements: What does the Future Hold? Dong
Feb 24
Indiana University
(remote & in person) Darcy History: 2021-22 Darcy Lecture Series - This Year's Talk: Hydrogeochemistry: Recent Advances and Opportunities and Challenges Ahead Guo & McIntosh
Mar 3
Politecnico di Milano
& HAS Adjunct Professor
* SPECIAL TIME 10:00 am * (remote only)  Stochastic assessment of calcite dissolution rates from microscale imaging through Atomic Force Microscopy Guo
Mar 5-13 Spring Recess Spring Recess - No classes - Department offices remain open
Mar 17
Mississippi State University
* SPECIAL SEMINAR 9:30 AM * (remote & in person) Why did the hurricane do that? Interrogating hurricane evolution with open-source tools Dong
Mar 17
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
(remote & in person) Quantifying food-related global greenhouse gas emissions Song
Mar 22 Earth Week @ SEES (remote & in person) 2022 El Dia del Agua y la Atmosfera - See details at new student website (Don't forget to RSVP! You must register by March 16 to attend in person or to receive zoom link)
Mar 24
CHEE, UArizona
(remote & in person) The interplay of vertical velocity, ice microphysics, and radiative heating Meixner
Mar 31
Peking University
(remote only) The effect of pore-scale two-phase flow on mineral reaction rates Guo
Apr 7
University of Freiburg
* SPECIAL TIME 10:00 am * (remote only) Exceptional floods: Leveraging large-ensemble simulation approaches to study their frequency and changes Guo
Apr 14
University of Arizona
(remote & in person ) Communicating science for impact Guo
Apr 21
Chapman University
(remote only) The fate of the terrestrial biosphere Behrangi
Apr 28 Tiantian Yang
University of Oklahoma
(remote only) Towards adaptive reservoir operation: Applications of artificial intelligence and subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) forecasts Guo
May 4 Last day of classes