Seminars Fall 2022

Format  Weekly informal talks by invited speakers - Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Colloquium (HWRS 495A-595A)
NEW DAY & TIME! Time & Location Wednesdays at 12 pm in Harshbarger 110 - In-person and/or remote status indicated under Title (blank, to be determined) - See email announcement for remote login details (not published here)
FALL Coordinator  Contact Yang C. Song at or 520-626-7843
Want to meet the Speaker?  Contact the Host to request a meeting with the Speaker
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8/22 First day of classes
NASA Goddard
(in person) Frontiers in Hydrometeorology: The observed response of land surfaces to climate variability
North Carolina State University
(in person & remote/zoom) Native Voices in STEM: Environmental rights and indigenous rights in Eastern North Carolina
» Cara Shopa, UArizona
9/5 Labor Day - no classes & offices closed
9/7 No speaker (class meeting instead)
(in person) Meeting with HWRS 495A-595A students Yang C. Song
GEOS, University of Arizona
9/14 talk canceled -- to be rescheduled
Yang C. Song
GSI Environmental, Inc.
SPECIAL SEMINAR - Integration of gauged and radar rainfall data to improve rainfall estimation and integrated hydrologic model prediction T.C. Jim Yeh
Cloud to Street
(in person) AI Applications in Hydrology: Near real-time flood maps across CONUS using the U.S. National Weather Model, satellite observations and convolutional neural networks Hoshin Gupta
University of New Mexico
(remote/zoom) Native Voices in STEM: Collaborative hydrology research with the Navajo Nation
» Cara Shopa, UArizona
Boise State University
(remote/zoom) Frontiers in Hydrology: Recent theoretical developments for predicting whole-river reactivity and hydrologic variability Bo Guo
10/7 Family Weekend
Dalhousie University
CANCELED-TO BE RESCHEDULED (remote/zoom) Frontiers in Hydrology: Groundwater, climate change and adaptation in the Peruvian Andes Bo Guo
University of California at Santa Barbara
(remote/zoom) Frontiers in Hydrology: Global groundwater levels and well drilling Jennifer C. McIntosh
Melissa Clutter, HAS Alum
Fort Lewis College
(in person/remote/zoom) Native Voices in STEM: Groundwater to snow science: My research and teaching path to becoming a "Jack(lyn)-of-all-trades"
» Cara Shopa, UArizona
10/28 Homecoming Weekend
11/2 (remote/zoom) Frontiers in Hydrology: Urban climate modeling for building energy simulations: methodology, application, and open tools Bo Guo
University of Exeter
(remote/zoom) Frontiers in Climate Science: The missing Earth system impacts of land-based mitigation Yang C. Song
11/11 Veterans Day - no classes & offices closed
U.S. Geological Survey
(remote/zoom) IPCC AR6 topic: Insights from the IPCC AR6 WG2 report: Implications for the southwest Yang C. Song
Dalhousie University
(remote/zoom) Frontiers in Hydrology: Groundwater, climate change, and adaptation in the Peruvian Andes Bo Guo
11/24 to 11/27 Thanksgiving Recess
11/30 (remote/zoom) Native Voices in STEM: An indigenous hydrogeochemist's career trajectory through academia and industry
» Cara Shopa, UArizona
12/7 HAS Pre-AGU Event AGU Annual Meeting - Dec 12 through Dec 16
12/7 Last day of classes & laboratory sessions
12/8 Reading Day - no classes or finals (offices open)
12/9 to 12/15 Final Exams
College of Science Convocation Ceremony
12/22 Last staff working day fall semester
12/23 to 12/26 Christmas Holidays (observed)
12/27 to 12/30 Winter Closure (4 days)