Seminars 2018-2019

HAS Colloquium Series:  Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Format | Invited speaker forum for the Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Weekly Colloquium (HWRS 495A-595A)
Time & Location | Thursdays 4pm Harvill Bldg, Room 101
Refreshments | Begin at 3:45 pm - Hosted by the HAS Student Association (HASSA)
Coordinators | Contact Dr. Guo-Yue Niu or Dr. Pieter Hazenberg
Content | Links to PANAPTO audio and/or PPT may be available after the event

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Date Speaker         
Title Host
Aug 20 First Day of Classes First Day of Classes for the Fall 2018 Semester
Aug 23 First Meeting - No Speaker First meeting with students.  Introduction to the weekly HAS Colloquium for students enrolled in 495A-595A for Fall 2018
Aug 30 Parade of Stars Faculty members will talk about their teaching and research
Sep 6 David Dziubanski
Postdoctoral Scientist with Thomas Meixner
Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences
The University of Arizona
Investigating the impact of human decision-making and climate change on hydrologic response in an agricultural watershed.
Sep 13 Armin Sorooshian
Chemical and Environmental Engineering
The University of Arizona
Relationship Between Aerosol Particles and Water: Snapshots from Recent Field Studies

Sep 19 - Special Seminar 4pm Harshbarger 206; 3:30pm Refreshments

Narenda Das
Scientist Jet Propulsion Laboratory SMAPDOE
Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture Using Microwave Technologies and the Lastest Development of SMAP Mission
Sep 20 Ken Cummins
Research Faculty
Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences
The University of Arizona
Ground- and Space-based Lightning Observations: Instruments and Applications
Sep 27 Bo Guo
Assistant Professor
Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences
The University of Arizona
Modeling Gas Transport in Organic-rich Shale Formations: A Pore-scale Perspective
Oct 4
Oct 11 Joellen L. Russell
Associate Professor
Geosciences & Planetary Sciences
The University of Arizona
The Southern Ocean's Role in Climate:  Observations and Modeling
Oct 12 - Special Seminar 11:30am Harvill 110 Remko Uijlenhoet
Hydrology & Quantitative Water Management Group
Wageningen University & Research
Opportunistic Sensing in Hydrometeorology
Oct 18 Shaocheng Xie
DOE - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Atmospheric System Research
Toward bridging field observations and climate model developments: the U.S. DOE modeling testbeds
Oct 19 - Special Seminar 3:00 pm Kisiel Room - Harshbarger 232
David Young
Director, Sciences Directorates
NASA Langley Research Center
An Overview of Earth Science research at NASA Langley Research Center (+a Research Highlight on the Economic Value of Climate Observations)
Oct 25 2019 El Dia Grad Student Lightning Presentations (Contact HASSA if interested)
Nov 1 Dominc Boccelli
Department Head
Civil & Architectural Engineering & Mechanics  The University of Arizona
From Distribution system water quality to real-time modeling and back again
Nov 8 Cèdric H. David                        Jet Propulsion Lab - NASA Terrestrial Hydrology at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Nov 12 Veterans Day No classes & Campus Closed
Nov 15 Xingyuan Chen
Atmospheric Measurement and Data Sciences Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Understanding km- to Reach-Scale Hydrological Exchange Flows along a Large Dam-Regulated River Corridor
Nov 22-23 Thanksgiving Recess No Classes & Campus Closed
Nov 29 Jia Hu
Assistant Professor
School of Natural Resources and the Environment
The University of Arizona
Linking water availability with plant productivity and nutrient dynamics in complex watersheds
Dec 5 Last Day of Classes Last day of classes for the Fall 2018 Semester
Dec 24-31 Winter Closure Campus Closed
Jan 1 New Years Holiday Campus Closed
Jan 2 Campus Opens Most offices re-open, although some staff and/or services unavailable until students return
Jan 9 First Day of Classes First day of classes for the Spring 2019 Semester
Jan 10 No meeting
Jan 11 - SPECIAL SEMINAR -FRIDAY HARSHBARGER 206   1:45pm - 2:50pm
Byung-Ju Sohn
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Seoul National University
Unprecedentedly rapid warming of Artic sea ice
Jan 11 - SPECIAL SEMINAR -FRIDAY HARSHBARGER 206   4:00pm - 5:00pm Robert Adler
CMNS-Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center          University of Maryland
Global Precipitation - Means,Trends and Intensity Changes Over the Satellite Era
Jan 17 First meeting - No speaker First meeting with students: Introduction to the weekly HAS Colloquium for students enrolled in 495A-595A for Spring 2019
Jan 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday No Classes & Campus Closed
Jan 24 Grey S. Nearing
Assistant Professor
Department of Geological Sciences
The University of Alabama
Information Theory in the Hydrological Sciences
Jan 31 John A. Reagan
Emeritus Professor
Electrical & Compuer Engineering
The University of Alabama
Lidar: A 50 Year Personal Retrospective
Feb 7 Benjamin Ruddell
Associate Professor, School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems, Northern Arizona University
A short history of process networks and their applications
Feb 14 Alan Robock
Distinguished Professor
Associate Editor, Reviews of Geophysics, Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University
Stratospheric Sulfur Geoengineering - Benefits and Risks
Feb 21 Anton Beljaars
European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, ECMWF
Precipitation, Evaporation and Runoff in the ECMWF coupled atmosphere/land system
Feb 28 James R. Campbell
Naval Research Laboratory
Monterey, CA
Rethinking How Cirrus Clouds Influence Climate
Mar 2-10 Spring Recess No Classes - Campus Open
Mar 14 Sharon B. Megdal
Water Resources Research Center
The University of Arizona
Issues in Groundwater Governance and Management
Mar 21 Peter Pilewskie
University of Colorado
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
The Sun and Earth's climate from the Maunder Minimum to the satellite era.
Mar 25 El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera, Annual Student Research Symposium

Mar 26 - SPECIAL SEMINAR 12:30 pm

Social Science Bldg Room 308

Haroldo Fraga de Campos Velho National Institute of Space Research (INPE) Computing and Applied Mathematics Laboratory (LAC), Brazil Data science techniques for geosciences applications
Apr 4 Michael A. Brunke
Research Scientist Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences (HAS)
University of Aizona
Following the water cycle to evaluate and improve the representation of atmospheric boundary layer and interfacial processes in global models and datasets
Apr 11 Jennifer Guohong Duan
Professor in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics,  Joint Professor in Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences
University of Arizona
Hydrodynamic Simulation of Surface Flow and Sediment Transport Processes
Apr 18 Bill Burgos
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Pennsylvania State University
Impacts and Legacies of Disposal of Produced Water from Oil & Gas Wells
Apr 25 Eleonora Demaria
Southwest Watershed Research Center USDA-ARS and HAS Alumn

Extreme precipitation events in Arizona: how summer monsoon rainfall has become more intense, and winter precipitation is modulated by the Pacific Ocean


May 1 Last Day of Classes Last day of classes for Spring 2019

May 2

2:00 - 3:00

Harshbarger 206

Mark Knackstedt
InterPore Distinguished Lectureship

Professor, Applied Mathematics                 Australian National University

Digital Materials Design