Archive of HAS Colloquium Series 2015-2016

Fall 2015 Series (AY2015-16)
Date Speaker Talk Host
Aug 26 First meeting -- No speaker First meeting with students:  Introduction to the weekly HWRS Colloquium for students enrolled in HWRS 695A Niu and Arellano
Sept 2 Parade of Stars ATMO & HYDRO faculty members will talk about their teaching and research Niu and Arellano
Sept 9 Chris Magirl, USGS Response of the Elwha river, Washington, to the largest dam-removal project in history Niu
Sept 11 @ 2 PM Praveen Kumar, University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Special joint seminar presented by the College of Science and Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Water-Food-Climate Squeeze: Can We (Bio)Engineer Our Way Out?  Location  Gould-Simpson 906
Sept 16 Richard (Rit) Carbone, NCAR Revisiting the roles of sea surface temperature structure in tropical oceanic rainfall Arellano
Sept 23 Pieter Hazenberg, UA ATMO Developing and testing of a hybrid-3D hillslope hydrological model for use in Earth system models Arellano
Sept 30 Jennifer Haase, Scripps Mid-tropospheric moisture variations during development of Hurricane Karl as resolved by airborne GPS radio occultation with open look tracking Arellano
Oct 7 Joost van Haren, Biosphere2 Tropical trees in a changing world:  Impacts on carbon and water cycling Niu
Oct 14 Ian Pepper, UA SWES Monitoring for reliability and process control reuse applications at the new Water and Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center Niu and McIntosh
Oct 21 Mukesh Kumar, Duke University Physically-based process representation for improved hydrologic understanding, prediction, and mitigation Niu
Oct 28 Valerie Trouet, UA LTRR Shipwreck rates reveal North Atlantic tropical cyclone response to past radiative forcing Arellano
Nov 4
John Pelletier, UA GEOS
Global high-resolution geomorphology Arellano
Nov 5 @ 3:30 PM Patrick Chuang, UC-Santa Cruz Can meteorology obfuscate aerosol effects on clouds?
Location  PAS 220 (refreshments begin at 3 PM, PAS 546)
Nov 11 No speaker Veterans Day (UA offices closed, no classes)
Nov 18 Lianhong Gu, Oak Ridge National Lab Spruce and peatland responses to climatic and environmental changes:  The SPRUCE Project Niu and Arellano
Nov 25 Holiday Week Thanksgiving Holiday Break, Nov 26-29
Dec 2 Katerina Dontsova, Biosphere2 Dissolution and transport of energetic compounds in soils Niuh
Dec 9 No speaker Last Day of Classes Fall Semester 2015 Niu and Arellano
Dec 24 - Jan 1 Winter Closure (UA offices closed)
Spring 2016 Series (AY2015-16)
Jan 13 No speaker First Day of Classes for Spring Semester 2016 - No speaker or meeting the first day of classes
Jan 20 First meeting with students:  Introduction to the weekly HWRS Colloquium for students enrolled in HWRS 695A Niu and Arellano
Jan 27 Karl Flessa, UA GEOS A brief meeting of the waters: The science and policy of the first environmental flow to the Colorado River Delta Niu
Feb 3 Till Volkmann, Biosphere 2 and UA HAS High-resolution isotope techniques to resolve coupled soil-plant water dynamics Niu
Feb 10 Alex Mahalov, Arizona State Univ High resolution Earth system models at decadal and regional scales: Seeking sustainable solutions for rapidly expanding urban areas Winter
Feb 17 Michael Cantin, National Weather Service-Tucson The National Weather Service and The University of Arizona: Endless Possibilities Arellano
Feb 24 W. Paul Menzel, Univ Wisconsin Recalibrating and reprocessing the HIRS data to infer 35 years of global cloud and moisture properties Niu and Arellano
Mar 2 William R. (Bill) Cotton, Colorado State Univ Orographic precipitation in the Colorado river basin Arellano
Mar 9 Shemin Ge , Univ Colorado GSA Birdsall-Dreiss Lecturer 2016:  Groundwater dynamics in headwater regions under changing climates Niu
Mar 10 Zhien Wang, Univ Wyoming Advancing atmospheric observational capabilities through combining multi-sensor measurements and developing novel airborne instrumentation Niu
Mar 16 No speaker Spring Break --- March 12-20
Mar 23 HWRS 498H Students Honors Students' Senior Capstone Presentation Niu
Mar 24 Chris Davis, NCAR  Title TBA Niu
Mar 30 Tyson Carlson & Tim Flynn, Aspect Consulting Life after HWR: Becoming a consulting hydroeologist Niu and Arellano
Mar 31 - Apr 2 Special Talks & Events HWR 50th Anniversary Week, including NGWA Conference: The Next 50 Years on Sat, Apr 2 Meixner et al.
Apr 1 Student Research Symposium + Events El Dia del Agua y La Atmósfera in conjunction with HWR 50th Anniversary + Afternoon Keynote: Ty Ferre's 2016 Darcy Lecture - Seeing things differently: Rethinking the relationship between data, models, and decision making Niu and Arellano
Apr 6
Anthony D. Kendall
Michigan State University
Water sustainability and the coupled land atmosphere and socioeconomic systems of the High Plains Niu and Arellano
Apr 13 C. Naomi Tague, UC-Santa Barbara 2016 Kisiel Lecture: Ecohydrology and informatics: Seeing the water in the trees Niu and Arellano
Apr 20 (CANC) Hoshin Gupta, UA HAS CANCELED  Models, data, uncertainty, and learning: How information is coded into dynamical geophysical models
Apr 27 (CANC) Markus Tuller, UA SWES CANCELED  Xray computed tomography and issues with image segmentation Niu
May 4 Jeff Kargel, Senior Research Scientist, UA HAS
Special Event Seminar -- End-of-semester dessert reception at 3:15 pm outside Harshbarger 206!  Talk at the Student Union Kiva Auditorium at 4 pm!
Natural treasures and high hazards of the Nepal Himalaya
Location  Kiva Room, Student Union Memorial Center
Niu and Arellano