HAS Colloquium Series:  Fall 2016 and Spring 2017


Format | Invited speaker forum for the Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Weekly Colloquium
Time & Location | Thursdays, 4 pm in Harshbarger 206 < NEW LOCATION AS OF SPRING 2017!
Refreshments | Begin at 3:30 pm in Harshbarger 206.  Hosted by the HAS Staff and the HAS Student Association (HASSA)
Coordinator | Contact Dr. Tom Galarneau at 520-626-7843 or
Content | Links to PANOPTO audio and/or PPT may be available after the event
Date Speaker Talk Host
Aug 22 First Day of Classes First day of classes for the Fall 2016 Semester
Aug 25 First meeting -- No speaker First meeting with students: Introduction to the weekly HAS Colloquium for students enrolled in 695A for Fall 2016
Sep 1 Parade of Stars Faculty members will talk about their teaching and research Niu & Galarneau
Sep 8 Ning Ma, Chinese Academy of Sciences Evapotranspiration over the highest grassland ecosystem: alpine steppe of the Tibetan plateau [Panapto or PDF] Niu
Sep 15 Jessica Tierney, UA GEOS Revisiting the Green Sahara [Panapto or PDF] Galarneau
Sep 22 Lauren McPhillips, Arizona State University Nutrient cycling hotspots in suburban mesic watersheds: Stormwater detention basins, grassed road ditches, and lawns [Panapto or PDF] Niu & Meixner
Sep 29

Hoori Ajami, UC Riverside Bio Hoori Ajami

Towards improved hydrologic prediction using integrated land surface-groundwater models [Panapto or PDF]

Niu & Meixner
Oct 3* Anton Beljaars, ECMWF Interactions between atmosphere and land surface in the ECMWF model Galarneau & Zeng
Oct 6 Xiquan Dong, UA HAS Remote sensing of clouds and precipitation and their application in model evaluation Galarneau
Oct 13 Xingnan Zhang, Hohai University The Xin'anjiang hydrological model Niu
Oct 19* Daniel Hodyss, Naval Research Laboratory Accounting for coarse resolution model simulations in data assimilation for the geosciences Galarneau & Morzfeld
Oct 20 Chris Davis, NCAR Tropical cyclone prediction using the Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS) Galarneau
Oct 26 PDF icon jonathan_poterjoy_cv.pdf, NCAR Storm-scale weather analysis and prediction using a nonparametric filter Galarneau
Oct 27 Hoshin Gupta, UA HAS Towards a general theory of learning with models and data Niu
Oct 28* Kelly Ryan, NOAA/AOML-Hurricane Research Division OSSE Evaluation of the impactof aircraft observations on huricane analyses and forecasts Galarneau
Nov 3 Daniel Liens, NWS Tucson TBD Galarneau
Nov 10 Alison Appling, USGS Tucson TBD Niu
Nov 11 Veterans Day No classes & campus closed
Nov 17 Valerie Trouet, UA LTRR Influence of the North Pacific Jet stream on California hydroclimate and wildfire regimes over the last 500 years Galarneau
Nov 24-27 Thanksgiving Recess No classes & campus closed
Dec 1 Markus Tuller, UA SWES Application of X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Niu
Dec 7 Last Day of Classes Last day of classes for Fall 2016
Dec 26-Jan 1
Winter Closure Campus closed


Refreshments begin at 3:45 outside of Harshbarger Room 206

Jan 2 New Years Holiday Campus closed
Jan 3 Campus open Most offices re-open, although some staff and/or services unavailable until students return
Jan 11 First Day of Classes First day of classes for Spring 2017 Semester
Jan 12 No meeting
Jan 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday No classes & campus closed
Jan 19 First meeting - No speaker First meeting with students:  Introduction to the weekly HAS Colloquium for students enrolled in 695 for Spring 2017
Jan 26 Joel Biederman, Hydrologist - USDA Agricultural Research Center How water and plants interact to regulate water supply, water quality, and carbon sequestration in the water-limited Southwest Niu
Feb 2* No Talk Scheduled
Feb 3* F. Martin Ralph, University of California San Diego/Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Note Special Seminar Date on Friday 2/3 - 3:00 pm, in PAS 224, refreshments in PAS 546 from 2:30 - 3:00 pm. Westward water vapor transport through the Chiricahua Gap: A key to the wetest days in Southeastern Arizona during the North American Monsoon Galarneau
Feb 9* Eric Steig, Univeristy of Washington Note time and location:  4:00 – 5:00 PM Koffler Building, Room 216; Refreshments at 3:30 pm in Gould-Simpson Lobby Antarctic climate change, ice sheets, and sea level Overpeck
Feb 16 Bill Cotton, Colorado State University Potential Impacts of Aerosols on a Derecho-producing MCS Galarneau
Feb 22*

Peter Jan van Leeuwen, Department of Meteorology, University of Readin, United Kingdom - Note Special Seminar Date on Wednesday - Time from 2-3pm - Location TBD

Pushing nonlinear data assimilation towards high dimensional systems Galarneau
Feb 23 Tirthankar Roy, HAS PhD Candidate The MMSF Platform Gupta
Mar 2 Victor Baker, UA HAS Black Swans, Wicked Problems, and Scientific Thinking in Hydrology Niu
Mar 9 David Adams, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Terrestrial versus Oceanic Source of Water Vapor for Monsoon Convection:  A New Look at an Old Problem. Galarneau
Mar 11-19 Spring Recess No classes (campus is open)
Mar 23 Peter Quinlan, Vice President & Director of Dudek, Inc. and Member of Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences' Advisory Board "The Sustainable Groundwater Management Acts of 2014 - A Full Employment Act for Hydrogeologists" Niu
Mar 30 Christopher Scott, Director and Research Professor, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, Professor and Distinguished Scholar, School of Geography & Development, and Joint Professor, Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona "Water security in the Himalayan region: Availabilty, use and governance" Niu
Apr 6 Yun Qian, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Measurement and modeling of Light-absorbing Particles in
Snow and Ice and their Climate and Hydrological Impact.
Apr 13

Kyle Davis and Joseph Gates, American Family Insurance

Weather Data in the Insurance Industry Galarneau

Apr 14*


Philip Bitzer, University of Alabama-Huntsville - Special Seminar Date and Time on Friday at 9:00 am, in HAURY 129. GOES-R: Better, stronger, faster... and electric! Galarneau
Apr 20

Apr 27*



Marie Pearthree, Former Deputy General Manager CAP and Ted Cooke, General Manger CAP

*Note Location in ENR2 Building, Agnese Nelms Haury Lecture Hall, Room S107

Managing the Colorado River in Interesting Times:  Overallocation, Drought and Climate Change - CAP Seminar Announcement

May 3 Last Day of Classes Last day of classes for Spring 2017 Semester - No speaker or meeting