Remote sensing of clouds and precipitation and their application in model evaluation

Xiquan Dong, University of Arizona

Abstract for weekly colloquium on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 4 pm in PAS 220

This talk will briefly introduce my group’s research, which will cover the following three areas (and responsible persons)

(1) developing the cutting-edge cloud-precipitation retrieval techniques in ground-based remote sensing (Shaoyue Qiu, Peng Wu, Jingjing Tian and Jingyu Wang, Baike Xi)

(2) developing innovative methods to validate satellite cloud retrievals using ground-based results (Jingjing Tian, Shaoyue Qiu, Ted McHardy, Baike Xi)

(3) improving GCM/WRF and reanalyses simulated cloud, radiation and precipitation using surface-satellite data (Ryan Stanfield, Erica Dolinar, Wenjun Cui, Yiyi Huang, Baike Xi).