The remote influence of soil moisture on precipitation in the Salt River Basin during the North America Monsoon

Molan Choi, C.L. Castro, and P. Hazenberg

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
The University of Arizona

The North American Monsoon (NAM) system governs the warm season over most of the southwestern North America. Even though monsoon flow is known for a seasonal change of air temperature difference between ocean and continental surfaces, it has been studied that a positive soil moisture - rainfall feedback exists within a monsoon region, which means wet soil in the monsoon area increases precipitation within a domain (Small 2001). However, previous research has been conducted and analyzed using model product, not with actual data, so results and conclusion can be unconfirmed and changeable. Also, not much study has been conducted for how much and where soil moisture would affect a precipitation of a certain basin. Therefore, this study will investigate correlation between soil moisture and precipitation within monsoon domain using actual soil moisture satellite data, SMAP for positive soil moisture – rainfall feedback on NAM to investigate how and where soil moisture would affect precipitation on Salt River basin.

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