Professional Careers in NGOs

Our students pursue careers with a variety of NGOs*, NPOs, and volunteer organizations.  Alumni, please don't keep us in suspense!  Please inform us if we're missing your employer's name.

*Non-profit or not-for-profit organizations are known as NPOs.  Non-governmental organizations are typically non-profit and known as NGOs.  NGOs may be community-, city-, or regionally-based or national or international in scope.

  • Amigos de las Americas
  • Carpe Diem West
  • EcoTrust
  • Everglades Foundation
  • Glenn-Gibson Creeks Watershed Council (Part of the Oregon Watershed Councils Network)
  • Hydrologic Research Center
  • Intermon Oxfam
  • Middle East Institute, Washington, DC
  • Near East Foundation
  • Solar Electric Light Fund
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Utah Rivers Council
  • Water for People
  • Watershed Management Group
  • World Bank International Fund for Agricultural Development (Mexico)