Professional Careers Examples

Some examples of the kind of work our students do include:

Environmental consulting

  • Forensic isotope hydrology
  • Risk assessment and characterization

Remediation consulting

  • Clean up of TCE and other toxic wastes
  • Underground storage tank leaks

Environmental regulatory, permitting, and compliance for

  • Bureau of Reclamation (federal)
  • Departments of Environmental Quality (state, tribal, federal)
  • U.S. Geological Survey (federal)
  • Water Active Management Districts (city, county, state)

Water resource evaluation

  • Urban planning
  • Industrial and municipal water use and supply

Water resource design and protection

  • Wetlands, riparian, and habitat restoration
  • National Park Service water use planning, erosion control, post-fire restoration
  • Peace Corps water development

Flood forecasting, control, and management

  • City, county, and state flood planning management
  • Army Corps of Engineers (federal)
  • National Weather Service (federal)

Computer simulation of water and pollutant transport

  • Fate and transport of TCE, formaldehyde, and other contaminants
  • Transport of heavy metal contaminants using coupled models (speciation, reaction, etc.)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (state, tribal, federal)

Additional or advanced study

  • Advanced research in national laboratories or research institutes
  • Teaching at the community college- and university levels
  • Scientists and advocates in public health and sanitation
  • Environmental law and expert witness