Panel Discussion: Frontiers in Earth System Prediction

Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

4 pm on Thursday, September 3, 2020
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Panel: Xubin Zeng, Hoshin Gupta, Christopher Castro, Ave Arellano, Yang Song
Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona


This is the first panel discussion in the HAS Parade of Stars series. Our HAS faculty in regional and earth system modeling fields will discuss the current knowledge gaps in earth system prediction and give a brief introduction of their efforts on filling these knowledge gaps. In details, Dr. Zeng will introduce his innovative use of Machine learning for Earth system science. Dr. Gupta will introduce his research in Machine Learning-based modeling of Dynamic Earth and Environmental Systems (DESMs). Dr. Castro will introduce advantages and potential applications in convection-permitting model. Dr. Arellano will introduce his innovative research in data assimilation and modeling atmospheric composition. Dr. Song will introduce her exploration in genomics-informed earth system modeling and its application in understanding the role of the biotic components in terrestrial-atmospheric interactions. Finally, our panelists will discuss potential opportunities for us to advance Earth system prediction.


Dr. Xubin Zeng, Professor, HAS,

Dr. Hoshin Gupta, Regents’ Professor, HAS,

Dr. Christopher Castro, Professor and Associate Department Head, HAS,

Dr. Ave Arellano, Associate Professor, HAS,

Dr. Yang Song, Assistant Professor, HAS,