Message from Thomas Meixner, Department Head

July 29, 2021

Welcome to all reading what we hope to be a semi-regular newsletter about new developments and opportunities for the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona.

Image Photo Dept Head Tom Meixner

I became Department Head in October of 2019 and was just starting to get settled in my new role in the Department about the same time that the SARS-COV2 virus decided to upend all of our lives. I am pleased to report that the Department, faculty, staff, and students made the best lemonade from these sour lemons in shifting from in person work and instruction to remote work. As we stand now with the pandemic appearing to wane and work and instruction slowly shifting back to in person my personal judgment is that we did quite well in shifting to remote to protect ourselves and broader society. This spring we held another remote El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera and again the students did a truly excellent job with their research and with pulling off the virtual conference -- see more here.

We were also able to have a small in person graduation celebration with our Spring and Summer 2021 graduates and it was good to see people in person again after so much remote teaching and learning. Here is a great photo gallery of our Spring-Summer 2021 Graduating Class which included 5 Bachelor of Science candidates, 13 Master of Science candidates, and 4 Doctor of Philosophy candidates.

Meanwhile, we have been busy on the curriculum front. We've started a single undergraduate degree that has an atmospheric sciences emphasis as well as the long standing environmental hydrology plan. Also taking advantage of the general shift and seeming greater willingness for students to explore online learning we are piloting a graduate Certificate in Hydrology and Water Resources this upcoming fall. Read about these and other curriculum changes in the next newsletter coming to your inbox in about 30 days.

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