Message from Peter Quinlan, HAS Advisory Board Chair

July 2, 2021

The Advisory Board's purpose is to provide advice and counsel to the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences to encourage excellence and success of its programs and teaching, research, and service. The HAS Advisory Board supports the vision and mission of HAS. The board seeks to promote the success of HAS by helping to connect the department with public and private organizations that can be potential funding sources for research and scholarships.

Image Peter Quinlan HAS Board Chair

Beyond identifying potential funding sources, Board members are also tasked with making contact with potential donors while coordinating with U of A development staff. The board also promotes connections with potential employers of HAS students whether internships while studying, or jobs after graduation. In this vein, board members provide feedback to the department regarding the skills and training that public and private sector employers look for in prospective employees.

Five years ago, 95 percent of HAS alumni that responded to our survey indicated that they were still employed in the field they studied while in the department. That is an extraordinary testament to the relevance to our society of the course of study offered by HAS and to how interesting our fields are. A goal of the current board is to help create a well-connected community of alumni of HAS who will also promote the department and be a network to assist new grads with finding positions in their fields.

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