Measuring moisture from space - a perspective on the advent and evolution of satellite observations

Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
4 pm on Thursday, January 27, 2022
Available via zoom
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W. Paul Menzel
Cooperative Institute for Meterological Satellite Studies at the University of Wisconsin


This talk will highlight some of the events from the last 50 years that contributed to the evolution of the remote sensing of the global moisture distributions and their diurnal variations; it also will anticipate advances in the near future. From the initial start with infrared high spectral resolution interferometry measurements in 1969, the progression to polar orbiting global sounding of vertical moisture profiles and geostationary time sequential imaging of moisture motions will be outlined. Water molecule absorption features in the infrared spectrum will be explained and the possibility for discerning boundary layer moisture features will be presented in several examples. The promise of and necessity for the planned GEOXO Sounder will be discussed. Finally the multispectral determination of global moisture patterns from the last 40 years will be briefly summarized.


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