Jim Mathieu's Ode to H2O

Ode to H2O

You've been within me
for as long as I can remember
bringing nourishment
that gave me life

I danced
on your shapely curls
by the shore
Glided over
your solid surfaces
Felt your warm heaviness
on my open skin

In the 80s
I traveled to Tucson
to learn
more of your moods--
polar, fractionated, continuous
from elders
who know you well

With knowledge
I spoke of you often
To others
who wanted you
for their grand ideas, or
just as you are

I waded
in your palaces--
home to your companions
--frogs, birds, lilies
I searched for you
in holes
that penetrated your frame

And you were there
for us and me

I must ask
your forgiveness
for my abuses
in capturing you
binding and bending you
into vessels
what you really wanted,
was to find your
natural path
from high to low
espace de liberté

In spite of
my behavior,
our behavior
You have always
been there for us
for me--thank you

Jim Mathieu

In honor of my Hydrology & Water Resources
professors and friends who shared their
water knowledge and wisdom with me