Issues in Groundwater Governance and Management

Department of Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences
Weekly Colloquium
Thursday, March 14, 2019
4:00 pm in Harvill Building Room 101- Refreshments at 3:45
Sharon B. Megdal

University of Arizona

Director, UA Water Resources Research Center


Groundwater is the invisible water on which many water users rely.  There is strong interest in identifying good groundwater governance and management practices, but characterizing "best practices" is difficult due to the localized nature or groundwater resources.  The presentation will include an overview of findings from (1) two national surveys of state-level groundwater governance and management policies and challenges, (2) case study analysis of regional collaboration in three growing regions, and (3) transboundary groundwater assessments along the United States- Mexico border.  The presentation will highlight some of the challenges associated with analysis of groundwater governance and management where authorities are decentralized and governance practices are evolving.