Investigating in-situ, satellite, and reanalysis for snow accumulation over CONUS

Milad Panahi and Ali Behrangi

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
The University of Arizona

Quantifying snowfall and its accumulation is important for regional and global hydrology and water resources planning. However, accurate measurement of this important variable is difficult from both in-situ and remote sensing observations. In this paper, we focus on snowfall-only conditions, by setting the maximum surface temperature conservatively to 1oC, and compare snow accumulation estimated by 10 different products, including in-situ, satellite, reanalysis, and UA- SWE. The outcomes suggest an overall close agreement in terms of accumulation trends between the studied products, but large differences exist in their accumulated values. Future investigation is underway to quantify uncertainties, systematic errors, and explore ways that can potentially be used for bias correction of satellite products.

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