Innovative Spaces for Learning and Engagement Project

With Your Help, We've Raised $102,895!   Crowdfunding Has Now Ended.  Here's a Recap of the Journey to Our  Goal:

  • The Crowdfunding campaign has ended. As of 8/23/2019 at 9 pm, we raised $102,895!
  • If you missed the Crowdfunding campaign, you can still make a tax deductible gift to the John Harshbarger Memorial Fund or the HAS General Fund! Both support student computer and chemistry labs, student field work, student scholarships, and student life in general!  (Just use the dropdown box to designate a specific fund.)
    • Watch the Crowdfunding Harshbarger Renovation video featuring Martha Whitaker, HAS Alumna and Associate Professor of Practice, with videography by Brittany Ciancarelli, HAS Alumna and Program Manager, BAS Online Education
    • As of 8/22/2019 at ~5 pm, we raised $101,845. As of 8/21/2019 at 11 am, we raised $96,300. As of 8/20/2019 at 7 pm, we raised $88,950.
    • As of 8/14/2019, we raised $86,750. As of 8/13/2019, we raised $84,250. As of 8/9/2019, we raised $81,750. As of 8/7/2019, we raised $79,150. As of 8/2/2019, we raised $76,550. As of 8/1/2019, we raised $75,550. As of 7/26/2019, we raised $72,250. As of 7/23/2019, we raised $71,050. As of 7/21/2019, we raised $69,950. As of 7/18/2019, we raised $69,600. As of 7/15/2019, we raised, $64,325. As of 7/10/2019, we raised $60,900. As of 7/9/2019, we raised $59,900.

What Are Collaborative Learning Spaces (CLSs)?

Why We Need CLSs

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