HWR50 - Faculty

Our Founders

Our Founders, the most important list of names in our collective memory.  You can find a list of Legacy Faculty members from the 1970s to the current day here.

1960s, The Formative Years

Dr. John W. Harshbarger (1914-1991) c.1955: Professor of Geology, 1961-1966: Department Head of Geology, 1966-1980: Chair of the HWR Committee, First Department Head of HWR, Professor Emeritus

Dr. John Ferris (1914-1987) - c.1962-1970: USGS, Founding Faculty and Short Course Instructor [obit]

Dr. Nicholas Matalas (1930-2019) c.1961-196x: USGS, Founding Faculty and Short Course Instructor [obit] [short bio]

Dr. Herbert Skibitzke (1921-2001) c.1961-196x: USGS, Founding Faculty and Short Course Instructor

Dr. Daniel D. Evans (1921-1997) - c.1963-?: Professor and Founding Faculty, Department Head, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Eugene S. Simpson (1917-1995) - c.1963-1995: Professor and Founding Faculty, Department Head, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Sol D. Resnick (1918-2005) - c.1963 - Professor and Founding Faculty, Director of WRRC, Director and Professor Emeritus

Dr. (h.c.) Thomas Maddock, Jr. (19xx-1991) - c.196x?, Honorary Doctorate, 1971

Dr. Chester C. Kisiel (1929-1973) - c.1966: Professor and Founding Faculty

Dr. Lucien Duckstein (19xx-2015) - c.1966: Professor and Founding Faculty of HWR and SIE, Professor Emeritus

Our Legacy

The list of faculty members below comes from University of Arizona catalogs and department brochures. These individuals played a vital part in the growth of the department, from the 1970s through the current day. Initial year of affiliation and home department (if not HWR) are noted if known. You can find a list of Founding Faculty from the 1960s here.


Frank Alessio, Economics (c.1973)

Kenneth K. Barnes, Soils, Water and Engineering (c.1973)

Michael D. Bradley (c.1973)

Donald R. Davis (c.1975-2009)

Stanley N. Davis (c.1975-2007)

John C. Day, Agricultural Economics (c.1971)

Judith M. Dworkin (c.1979)

Gordon R. Dutt, Agricultural Chemistry and Soils (c.1971)

John H. Ehrenreich, Watershed Management (c.1971)

Lorne G. Everett (c.1972)

Martin Fogel, Watershed Management (c.1971)

Russell L. Gum (c.1971)

Simon Ince (c.1971)

Helen M. Ingram, Government (c.1973)

A. Richard Kassander, Jr., Atmospheric Sciences and WRRC (c.1971)

Phillip N. Knorr, Watershed Management (c.1971)

Robert M. Lawrence, Government (c.1971)

Thomas Maddock III (c.1977, Emeritus 2015)

Thomas Maddock, Jr. (c.1971)

William E. Martin, Agricultural Economics (c.1971)

Edgar McCullough, Jr., Geosciences (c.1973)

Quentin M. Mees, Civil Engineering (c.1971)

Shlomo P. Neuman (c.1977, Emeritus 2015)

James W. O'Leary, Biological Sciences (c.1971)

Robert A. Phillips, Civil Engineering (c.1971)

David E. Pingry, Economic and Business Research (c.1975)

Hasan K. Qashu (c.1971)

Theodore G. Roefs (c.1971)

Robert L. Seale, Nuclear Engineering (c.1971)

Charles W. Stockton, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (c.1975)

Glenn M. Thompson (c.1977)

David B. Thorud, Watershed Management (c.1971)

Arthur W. Warrick, Agricultural Chemistry and Soils (c.1971)

Donald H. White, Chemical Engineering (c.1971)

Andrew W. Wilson, Geography and Development (c.1971)

Jerome J. Wright, Geosciences (c.1971)

James H. Zumberge, College of Earth Sciences (c.1971)


Roger C. Bales (c.1985)

Harold W. Bentley (c.1987)

Nathan Buras (c.1983)

Robert A. Clark (c.1987)

William B. Lord, WRRC (c.1987)

Susan C. Nunn (c.1987)

Soroosh Sorooshian (c.1983)

David A. Woolhiser (c.1983)

T.-C. Jim Yeh (c.1987)


Victor R. Baker (c.1997)

Randy L. Bassett (c.1990)

Mark L. Brusseau, Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences (c.1993)

Bonnie Colby, Agricultural and Resource Economics (c.1993)

Martha H. Conklin (c.1990 or 1991)

Dinshaw Contractor (c.1993)

Robert E. Dickinson, Atmospheric Physics (c.1990)

Dara Entekhabi (c.1990)

Barry Ganapol, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (c.1997)

Martha W. Gilliland, Graduate College Dean (c.1990)

Richard H. Hawkins, Watershed Management (c.1990)

Katherine Hirschboeck (c.1993)

Charles W. Kreitler (c.1993)

Kevin E. Lansey, Civil Engineering (c.1993)

Austin Long, Geosciences (c.1990)

Donald E. Myers, Mathematics (c.1999)

William James Shuttleworth (c.1993, Emeritus 2015)

James E. Smith (c.1997)

Ernest T. Smerdon, Civil Engineering & Dean of Engineering (c.1990)

Michael J. Sully (c.1990)

Juan B. Valdes (c.1999)

Marvin G. Waterstone, Geography and Regional Development (c.1997)

Peter J. Wierenga, Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences (c.1999)

Lorne Graham (L.G. "Gray") Wilson (c.1995)

Marek G. Zreda (c.1995)


Paul D. Brooks (c.2000)

Brenda Ekwurzel (c.2001)

P.A. Ty Ferré (c.2000)

Hoshin V. Gupta (c.2005)

Katharine L. Jacobs, Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences (c.2004)

Jennifer C. McIntosh (c.20xx ?)

Sharon B. Megdal, Water Resources Research Center (c.2004)

Thomas Meixner (c.2005)

Bartholomeus M. Nijssen (c.2001)

Guo-Yue Niu (c.2009)

Ferenc Szidarovszky, Systems and Industrial Engineering (c.2002)

Peter A. Troch (c.2009)

Robert G. Varady, Udall Center (c.2000)


Christopher L. Castro, Atmospheric Sciences (c. )

Jon Chorover, Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences (c. )

Francina Dominguez, Atmospheric Sciences (c. )

Jennifer Guodong Duan, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (c. )

Steven L. Mullen, Atmospheric Sciences (c. )

Shirley A. Papuga, School of Natural Resources and the Environment (c. )

Marcel G. Schapp, Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences (c. )

Christopher A. Scott, Geography and Development (c. )

Markus Tuller, Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences (c. )

Xubin Zeng, Atmospheric Sciences (c. )

Our Esteemed Faculty Colleagues

Heartfelt thanks to our teachers who taught us many things ~

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new....It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge....The life of an individual has meaning only insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful."  --- Albert Einstein

Please send us updates for this list if you have news of the passing of a colleague.

Nathan Buras (1922-2012), Professor and Department Head Emeritus

Donald R. Davis (19?-2009), Professor

Stanley N. Davis (1924-2007), Professor and Department Head Emeritus

Lucien Duckstein (19?-2015), Joint Professor Emeritus

Daniel D. Evans (1921-1997), Professor and Department Head Emeritus

John W. Harshbarger (1914-1991), Professor and Founding Department Head Emeritus

Chester C. Kisiel (1929-1973), Professor

Austin Long (1937-2010), Joint Professor Emeritus

Sol D. Resnick (1918-2005), Professor and Director (WRRC) Emeritus

Eugene S. Simpson (1917-1995), Professor and Department Head Emeritus

Herbert E. Skibitzke (1921-2001), Professor, USGS Affiliate

Lorne Graham (L.G. "Gray") Wilson (19?-2011), Research Professor Emeritus

Ernest Thomas Smerdon (1930-2014), Joint Professor and Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering (obituary note)

Jerome J. Wright ( ), Joint Professor, Geosciences